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Auto Transport for Volkswagen Fox The Volkswagen Fox is a supermini manufactured and created by Volkswagen of Brazil and sold in Latin America and Europe. The Fox is currently produced as a three-door and as a five-door hatchback. Further, there is a mini SUV version called the CrossFox, and a mini MPV model called the Suran, the SpaceFox, the SportVan or the Fox Plus depending on the market in which it is sold. In South America, the Fox sits between the low cost Gol and the Polo. Despite its varied height, the interior room is quite similar to its competitors the Opel Corsa, the Fiat Palio, the Ford Fiesta, the Renault Clio and the Peugeot 206. Humorously, because names can either be misleading, controversial or misunderstood, the Fox has a different moniker in Mexico. In Mexico it is called the Lupo due to the then-current Mexican President Vicente Fox having the same last name of Fox as the VW.

In 2005, the Fox was introduced to the European market where is replaced the ageing Lupo as the entry-level car in the lineup and at a far cheaper price. The Fox and Fox Wagon was also the name of a subcompact sedan and station wagon sold by Volkswagen in North America as an entry-level model. It was a United States modified version of the Gol, which was produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s in Brazil. It had previously been a design unique to South America, although it bore a resemblance to the Volkswagen Jetta. Following 1990, the Wagon was dropped from the North American market at which time it was the last two-door wagon offered in the United States. However, the Fox sedan and the coupe did last until 1993 in the US. The wagons are a really tough market to be successful in, as their popularity has certainly taken a nosedive.

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