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Auto Transport for Ford Model C 1935-37 The second Ford Model C was introduced in 1934 in Britain and Germany. It was adequately equipped with a 1172 ccm 4-cylinder side valve engine delivering 34 hp. The Model C, big brother to the smaller Ford Y, was inspired by the 1934 Ford V8, only smaller. One year after its release, Ford was ready to make some changes and give the vehicle a facelift. In 1935 the grille and hood on the British line were changed, as was the badging. It was now known as the CX. Later, in 1937, the body was upgraded again and the design of the British and the German product lines began to vary. The German line was renamed Eifel after the mountain range near Cologne and the British line was renamed Anglia.

Year earlier though, the first Ford Model C was introduced in 1904 and was a version of the first Ford Model A only with a more modern look. It was also slightly more powerful due to the new engine and it had a slightly longer wheelbase. The Model C took the place in the Ford lineup as the entry-level car, slotting it below the upscale Model B. Production of this particular version ended in 1905 with 800 cars made. The Model C was immediately replaced by the derivative Model F in 1905. Oddly enough, both the A and the C were produced at the same time, but the Model A could also be bought with a Model C engine, which was an option called the Ford Model AC. These Fords retailed at $850 for the Model C, which included the option of making it a four-seater for an extra $100. That sounds like a pretty good deal. The top however cost extra ' a rubber one would run the buyer $30 and a leather one would run $50.

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