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Oldsmobile Achieva

There are many better names for an automobile than the Achieva. Buyers were never really sure what to expect form a car with such a name. The Oldsmob...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Alero

The design of the Alero was first previewed in 1997 with the Alero Alpha concept car, which was a futuristic V6-powered sport coupe that featured many...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Aurora

The Oldsmobile Aurora was a luxury car produced by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors and released in 1995. It was a plush 4 door sedan that wa...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Bravada

Oddly enough, the fuel efficiency of this vehicle declined over its lifetime. The first generation Bravada produced 160 hp from its engine and average...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Calais

The Oldsmobile Calais, also known as the Cutlass Calais in 1988, was a compact car manufactured by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors from 1985...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Wagon

It seems that Oldsmobile buyers were not very enthusiastic about the new Custom Cruiser. Many thought that the new, sides which lacked wood grain made...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Cutlass

The very first Oldsmobile Cutlass was a test or concept sports coupe designed in 1954. It rode on a 110 in wheelbase with a dramatic roofline, and a s...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais

The Oldsmobile Calais, which was renamed the Cutlass Calais for 1988, was a compact car manufactured by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors from...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

The Cutlass Ciera was in production all over, making one think it was a pretty highly sought after mode. The Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera was a mid-size c...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser

The Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser was a mid-size station wagon manufactured from 1978 through 1996. At first, it was built upon the rear-wheel drive A-bo...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

Throughout time, the Cutlass moniker was used by Oldsmobile as a sub-marquee, which is evident as a number of different vehicles carried the name at t...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

The Cutlass Supreme was Oldsmobile's version of a body style for one year. In 1967, the Cutlass Supreme line was expanded into a full series of i...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Delta 88

The Delta name showed up for the first time in 1965 representing an upscale trim line of the Dynamic 88. At this point, the Dynamic 88 Delta replaced ...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight

Oldsmobile first introduced the 88 badge in 1949, as it was meant to compliment the already-existing 76 and 98 badges. These newer car used the 76&apo...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Firenza

With the exception of cosmetic differences, engine upgrades and the dropping of certain models, the Firenza platform remained much unchanged throughou...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Intrigue

Starting with the folks that really make it all happen, all Intrigues were fabricated at the GM Fairfax plant in Kansas City, Kansas, which is the sam...«MORE»

Oldsmobile LSS

A large number of variations in this model name were seen over the long haul. It has been known as the Delmont, the Delta, the Dynamic, the Jetstar, t...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight

General Motors wisely developed a system of sharing body panels between the models of its different makes. Oddly enough, the Ninety-Eight broke the s...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Omega

The Oldsmobile Omega was a compact car available from 1973 through 1984 by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors. Over that 11-year span, there we...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Regency

The Regency had some very big shoes to fill, and in fact, was destined to fail because of it. The introduction of the Regency in 1997 ended a run of m...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Silhouette

The Silhouette is famous, thanks only to a movie though. The first generation Silhouette was prominently featured in the 1995 film, Get Shorty, where ...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Starfire

The Oldsmobile Starfire was a rear-wheel drive subcompact car manufactured from 1975 to 1980. The Starfire moniker was used before on the 98 convertib...«MORE»

Oldsmobile Toronado

Story has it that the original Toronado began as a design painting by Oldsmobile stylist David North in 1962. His creation was known as the Flame Red ...«MORE»