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Mercury Capri

In Europe, the Ford Capri was developed as a 'baby Mustang' as it was a 2-door car with a short trunk lid that later became a hatchback. It...«MORE»

Mercury Comet

At first planned as an Edsel model, the Comet was not authoritatively a Mercury until 1962, and was simply marketed in 1960 and 1961 as just the Comet...«MORE»

Mercury Cougar

A calculated effort was made to give the Mercury Cougar a more European flare than the Mustang, or at least in American buyers' eyes. Aside from ...«MORE»

Mercury Grand Marquis

The Grand Marquis, Mercury's flagship sedan, is more or less a slightly more luxurious version of the Ford Crown Victoria. It comes in five main ...«MORE»

Mercury LN7

Mercury and Ford have a lot in common. Both the Ford EXP and the Mercury LN7 had a sharply sloping windshield, wheel arches with prominent lips and wi...«MORE»

Mercury Lynx

The Mercury Lynx was a small car produced by the Ford Motor Company for its Mercury division from 1981 to 1987. It was simply a rebadged version of th...«MORE»

Mercury Marauder

In 1969, the Marauder became a distinct model of its own. It faced competition in the personal luxury market and the Marauder had a 360 hp engine. Mos...«MORE»

Mercury Mariner

The Mercury Mariner is undergoing a facelift for the 2008 model year in which it will be significantly updated with a new look. The engines will remai...«MORE»

Mercury Marquis

The Mercury Marquis has been around for some time, and it was downsized to the Panther platform in 1979. At this time though, the car's basic de...«MORE»

Mercury Milan

The Milan was showcased at the 2005 Chicago Auto Show on February 9th. Earlier, though, at the 2005 Detroit Auto Show, a hybrid version was announced ...«MORE»

Mercury Montclair

The vehicle name, Montclair, was first used in 1955 and attached to Mercury's premium automobile line. A general consensus is that the vehicle wa...«MORE»

Mercury Montego

The Mercury Montego is assembled in Chicago, right next to its cousins the Ford Five Hundred and the Ford Freestyle crossover. This plant was formerly...«MORE»

Mercury Monterey

The Monterey was sold in Canada as the Mercury Meteor, a nameplate that belonged to a United States market car produced from 1961 until 1963. In Canad...«MORE»

Mercury Mountaineer

Well, to start with the biggest concern, there was an issue with the safety of the Mercury Mountaineer. In May 2000, the National Highway Traffic Safe...«MORE»

Mercury Mystique

The Mercury Mystique was the Mercury adaptation of the North American Ford Contour and the international Ford Mondeo. It was released in 1995, replaci...«MORE»

Mercury Park Lane

Mercury began in 1939 as a subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company. Its intended purpose was to provide a middle brand between the lower priced Ford prod...«MORE»

Mercury Sable

The Sable station wagon ended production in 2004 and the sedan production ended on April 29, 2005. The Ford Taurus however remained in production unti...«MORE»

Mercury Topaz

The Topaz was a Mercury rebadged version of the Ford Tempo. Both vehicles were launched to replace the Fox-body Ford Fairmont and the Mercury Zephyr. ...«MORE»

Mercury Tracer

In 1991, Ford replaced the hatchback-only Tracer with a twin of the Ford Escort, which was based on the Mazda 323's B platform. Nevertheless, the...«MORE»

Mercury Villager

The Villager had a decent run, in fact, better than expected. The first-generation Villager was available in three trim levels: the GS, the LS and the...«MORE»