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Lexus ES 250

The first Lexus ES, internally known as VZV21, debuted in January 1989 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit as part of the launch ...«MORE»

Lexus ES 300

In September 1991, Lexus unveiled the second generation Lexus ES, an all-new executive sedan for the Lexus lineup. Entirely redesigned for the 1992 mo...«MORE»

Lexus ES 330

For the 2004 model year, the American market Lexus received a new 3.3 L engine producing 225 hp, and the car was renamed the Lexus ES 330. In the Midd...«MORE»

Lexus ES 350

The fifth generation ES was premiered at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2006, featuring an all-new body in the style of Lexus' new design phil...«MORE»

Lexus GS 300

Production of the Lexus GS 300 began on February 22, 1993 at the Tahara, Japan assembly plant. The Lexus GS is a series of mid-size luxury sports seda...«MORE»

Lexus GS 400

When production began on August 4, 1997, the GS used the JZS160 body style. It made its official appearance in 1998. The American market GS 400 was eq...«MORE»

Lexus GS 430

The Lexus GS is a series of mid-size luxury sports sedans sold by Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota. They have been overwhelmingly successful whic...«MORE»

Lexus GS 450

Well, only Lexus would place a car in a Neiman Marcus catalog. In fact, 75 Neiman Marcus Edition GS 450h sedans were offered as the annual holiday cat...«MORE»

Lexus GX 470

Lexus has been doing a remarkable job in recent years of re-branding the name and reemerging as a reliable and innovative automaker. The Lexus GX has ...«MORE»

Lexus IS 250

The Lexus IS cars are a series of entry-level luxury vehicles produced by the Lexus marquee of the Toyota Motor Corporation. The IS was introduced as ...«MORE»

Lexus IS 300

The new IS was the second showing of Lexus' new L-finesse design attitude on a production vehicle, following the release of the 2006 Lexus GS per...«MORE»

Lexus IS 350

Lexus is at a very important fork in the road; they either have the opportunity to completely reestablish themselves as a true performance luxury auto...«MORE»

Lexus LS 400

In August 1983, Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda initiated the F1 project, which was a combination of "Flagship" and "No. 1 vehicle". ...«MORE»

Lexus LS 430

For 2001, the LS 430 was introduced as part of a long list of LS generations. While previous LS redesigns were evolutionary, the 2001 update was a mor...«MORE»

Lexus LS 460

Introduced at the 2006 North American International Auto Show, the redesigned 2007 LS 460 is the first Lexus model obtainable in both standard and lon...«MORE»

Lexus LX 450

The LX 450 was launched in 1996 as Lexus' first entry into the Sport Utility Vehicle market. Unlike other Lexus models, which were independently ...«MORE»

Lexus LX 460

The Lexus LX 460 is a concept car that was showcased at the British International Motor Show in 2006. This model has yet to surface in North America. ...«MORE»

Lexus LX 470

The second generation LX 470 premiered in 1998 to the open arms of consumers. The second-generation model shared the same floor plan and most body pan...«MORE»

Lexus RX 300

In February 1997, Lexus showcased the Lexus Sport Luxury Vehicle Concept, a prototype crossover SUV, at the Chicago Auto Show. This concept, which app...«MORE»

Lexus RX 330

The second generation RX, called the RX 330 for the North American and Middle Eastern markets, began sales in March 2003. The North American-market ca...«MORE»

Lexus RX 350

For 2007, the RX received a mid-cycle refresh, which consisted of a new 3.5-liter V6 instead of the older 3.3-liter V6 engine, which also changed the ...«MORE»

Lexus SC 300

In Japan, the related third generation Toyota Soarer shared the body design and components with the first generation SC. However, it featured a separ...«MORE»

Lexus SC 400

The Lexus SC 400 debuted on June 1, 1991 in the United States as a 1992 model. The SC 400's 4.0 L V8 engine was reported to have cost over a whop...«MORE»

Lexus SC 430

The SC 430 by Lexus is a top notch, retractable hard top convertible-the brand's first of its kind. This lavish exudes confidence, status and pow...«MORE»