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Subaru Outback Car Shipping Estimates

The Subaru Outback is a mid-size car produced by Japanese automaker Subaru since 1996. Subaru of America executives created the Outback because the SUV craze had at that point reached a pivotal point with customers demanding SUVs and turning their backs on Subaru’s station wagons. Dealers were left clamoring for an SUV-like product to sell. The Outback is a five-door station wagon that shares its chassis with the Subaru Legacy and features Subaru’s four-wheel drive. It is marketed against competing mid-sized body-on-frame sport utility vehicles, as well as other off-road station wagons. Marketing included Subaru’s trademarked phrase, “The World’s First Sport Utility Wagon”. However, this is false, as in 1979, American Motors launched the AMC Concord-based AMC Eagle, which would take that title.

Car Shipping Estimates For Subaru Outback

Sales of the Outback began in 1996 in the United States and the models were assembled in the Subaru of Indiana Automotive plant in Lafayette, Indiana. Subaru has been manufacturing four-wheel drive station wagons since 1975. The Outback turned out thankfully to be a success, as it clearly outsold the Legacy. Smart ads featured the Australian “Crocodile Dundee” star Paul Hogan using the Outback in adventurous situations where it was portrayed against its competitors, which included the Ford Explorer. Later, other companies followed suit with similar raised four-wheel drive station wagons as interim models before their own SUVs were launched. Or they were also used if they did not intend to introducing an SUV at all. These included the likes of the Audi Allroad Quattro, the Volvo XC70, the Alfa Romeo 156 CrossWagon and the Holden Adventra. Further, of all of the crossover type vehicles on the market, the Outback is aesthetically more pleasing than the competition. Many crossover vehicles end up looking like an unidentifiable and awkward machine. The Outback however does not suffer from this lack of distinction. Car shipping estimates for the Subaru Outback are available here using our original shipping quote calculator.

Mercedes-Benz R 350 Car Shipping Estimates

The Mercedes R350 could be considered either a minivan, an SUV, or a station wagon. This is a super crossover model. Mercedes does like to call it a SUV but that might be stretching it. It does have a 3.5-liter V6 rated at 268 horsepower and 258 lb/ft of torque. A seven speed automatic transmission comes standard, and fuel economy is rated at 16 mpg city and 21 mpg highway. This is fairly poor fuel economy, but what more do you expect. The interior has the luxurious feel typical of a Mercedes. As a crossover/SUV/station wagon, it also seems to account well for the influx of children that might be entering and exiting the vehicle. Reviewers seem to love the spaciousness and safety of this vehicle, and are quoted as saying they feel their children are safe, and everybody is comfortable. They applaud the smooth, quiet ride which is nice when the baby in the back is sleeping.

Car Shipping Estimates For Mercedes-Benz R 350

Benz created this model given that they were experiencing intense pressure from Infiniti and Lexus, which led to adding more features and options as to set the 350 apart from the rest and to justify the higher price. Now, whether or not it was justified is another story. The 350 was even to feature air suspension as an option, but Mercedes was still perfecting the technology and chose to launch air-suspension in the next generation S-Class. This turned out to be a good move, as otherwise buyers would have been waiting for some time. The W220 S-Class superseded the 350 series S-Class in 1999 after an eight-year production run, and by the C215 CL-Class in 2000. This super crossover seems to be a great family mobile, and hopefully, Mercedes- Benz can come out with some other popular family mobiles in the future. Learn more about the crossover vehicle the Mercedes-Benz R 350 and receive car shipping estimates using our online rate calculator.

Lincoln Cosmopolitan Car Shipping Cost

The Lincoln Cosmopolitan featured a 4-speed manual transmission and a 5.5 liter V8 as well as an aerodynamic hood ornament, which really does not sound like much of a feature given the options available today. However, like the Continental of the 1960s, the Cosmopolitan featured suicide doors, which opened from the B-pillar. Lincoln sold this full-size sedan from 1949 to the early 1950s. The suicide doors are by far the most notable features on the Lincoln Cosmopolitan. A suicide door is a car door that is hinged on the trailing edge – the edge closer to the rear of the vehicle. The term reflects a perceived increased danger of the door falling open if it became unlatched while the car is moving. Because of the obviously negative connotations, the term is avoided in major automobile manufacturers’ promotional literature, although it is familiar to many English-speakers and often used openly in the custom-car trade. The door arrangement also instills other negative perceptions.

Car Shipping Cost For Lincoln Cosmopolitan

While the vehicle is parked, such a door would hide an entering or exiting passenger from the view of passing cars. The result of the door being hit by another vehicle would likely be more catastrophic, since the door would be slammed shut onto the passenger, even if merely nicked on the outside edge.In contrast, a door hinged at the front would be pushed away from the passenger and possibly torn off entirely. The most well known use of suicide doors on post-World War II automobiles was the enchanting Lincoln Continental sedan from 1961 through 1969, and on the unique Lincoln Continental four-door convertible from 1961 through 1967. Since the four-door Lincoln convertible did not have a center B-pillar, the rear door glass was designed to electrically retract a few inches when the rear doors were opened in order for the weather stripping to clear the front door glass. This meant that if the battery was dead, the only way out of the back seat was to crawl over the front seat. For various obvious reasons, suicide doors are not offered on models today. Go to our easy to use car shipping cost calculator on this page and learn more about the Lincoln Cosmopolitan.

Porsche Cayenne SUV Car Moving Quotes

The Porsche Cayenne is a mid-size luxury Sport Utility Vehicle manufactured by the German automaker Porsche since 2002. This is about as sharp as an SUV could ever look. Leave it to Porsche to add grace and style to a segment that normally lacks such a thing. It is the first V8 engined vehicle built by Porsche since 1995, which marks when the Porsche 928 was discontinued. Obviously, sales of the Cayenne have been very strong, with 100,000 sold as of June 2005. This makes it Porsche’s best-selling vehicle in North America. In fact, 40% of Cayenne sales are in North America, but for reasons unknown, sales have slowed. As a result, the Cayenne was skipped for the 2007 model year, but has been recreated for 2008, and will hopefully be a huge hit.

Car Moving Quotes For Porsche Cayenne SUV

The Cayenne shares its base engine with the Touareg, although Porsche’s version is significantly modified. Further, there are currently 4 engines available for the model. The Cayenne was co-developed in a project with Volkswagen, who was also looking to add a sports utility vehicle to its lineup. By working together, this saved an enormous amount of capital given that Volkswagen shared the chassis. Further, the turbocharged model has extremely high performance for a sport utility vehicle, and to prove that, it is roughly as quick to 60 miles per hour as the company’s Boxster S. This acceleration takes about 5.2 seconds. It has been highly praised for its winter driving ability, as many have noted it allowed them to reach any skiing or recreational center that they desired. Further praise has been for its increased safety, street overview, and independence on long trips. However, the Cayenne does not offer the level of off-road capability of say the Land Rover products. So, keep this baby on the pavement and enjoy the luxurious ride. Go to our easy to use car moving quotes calculator on this page and learn more about the Porsche Cayenne.

BMW 760 Car Shipping Cost

The BMW 760 is really a huge car. BMW, the German automaker has amazingly brought together luxury, style and power. This car sits on massive, 20-inch wheels, which oddly enough doesn’t look as out of place as one might assume. In terms of power, the 760’s 6.0 liters, V12 engine delivers a whopping 438 horsepower 444lb-ft. of torque. This car is sure to prove anyone wrong who thinks that a vehicle of its size is not capable of competing with the smaller and daintier models. The 760 commands road presence like no other BMW available today. More over though, it is important to remember that this is also a luxury vehicle and BMW has definitely not forgotten that. Drivers can select and relish in the Active Support “massage” feature on the driver’s seat which is sure to make rush hour driving much more enjoyable. There is also active ventilation on the front seats, which keep the interior air quite pleasant. The 760 is either available as the standard 760i or the 760Li, which features a longer wheel base.

Car Shipping Cost For BMW 760

The 7 series cars are a true testament to the style and workmanship of the BMW brand. Drivers have consistently praised the series’ cars as being reliable, but more so, as being an exciting vehicle to own and operate. These will obviously run you a pretty penny to purchase, however, given the opportunity, it is a great choice over some of the other models available on the market. In this day and age when many hours a week are spent behind the wheel, making an educated and thought out buying decision will certainly payoff in the long run. Even if you cannot afford to buy a 760, if you are given a chance to take this beauty for a test drive, it would be well worth your time. You might in fact find yourself sitting down with the sales guy before you know it. Go here for more specs on the BMW 760. You can also receive  instant car shipping costs for the BMW 760.

Honda Odyssey Auto Transport

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan or otherwise known as a multi purpose vehicle produced by the Japanese automaker Honda since 1995. The American version of the Odyssey was sold under the name Honda Lagreat in Japan from 1998 to 2004. On the other hand, the smaller Japanese Odyssey continued in Japan and numerous export markets. The American van was the first Japanese minivan to assume the size and layout of the similar, and extremely popular, Dodge Caravan. It had significant power, good acceleration and an outstanding safety rating for the time. But, there was a major down side to the Honda Odyssey and that being a transmission technology that failed to keep pace with the engine power. It is very unfortunate if one owns a 4-speed automatic transmission model from 1999 to 2001 or a 5-speed automatic from 2002 to 2004. For these models had very serious problems with transmission reliability, and to this day, have not been solved.

Auto Transport For Honda Odyssey

Honda reacted to problems of the 4 speed in 1999-2001 models by extending the warranty on the transmission to 7 years or 100,000 miles, but in reality, that was a sorry excuse for a band-aid. A class action settlement extends the coverage to 109,000 miles and 93 months for some ’99-01 Odysseys. Additionally, the 5 speed transmissions of the Odyssey from 2002-2004, some Accords, some Acura TL’s, some Acura CL’s and some Acura MDX’s suffer frequent failure of the transmission’s third clutch pack. Seems as though Honda made a huge error either in design or in subcontracting out parts. There is also another less common although serious transmission safety problem. A gear could overheat and break and cause the transmission to lock up suddenly. Since this is a safety issue, thankfully a recall was started. Basically, take the Odyssey to the nearest dealer and make sure things are in order. You can go here for more details on the  Odyssey. Auto Transport Rates for the Honda Odyssey  are available here using our original auto transport calculator on our page.

Ford Escort Car Shipping Cost

Once again, Ford has come up with a fairly goofy name for an automobile. Is the name ‘Escort’ supposed to make people feel as if they are not going anywhere alone? Anyway, the Ford Escort was a compact car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company regardless of whether or not the name choice was a poor one. The North American Escort adopted both the badge and the general design of a redesigned European model and marks Ford’s first successful world car. Further, the name lives on given that it has been applied to several additional designs in North America. The Ford Escape replaced the dated Ford Pinto, which was a subcompact car with a modern front-wheel drive design popularized by the successful introduction of the Volkswagen Rabbit. It also more or less replaced the smaller Ford Fiesta, which though mechanically sophisticated, was too small for a Pinto replacement. Continuing with the list of ‘firsts’ – it was also Ford’s first front-wheel-drive car built in North America.

Car Shipping Cost For Ford Escort

Ford should be commended as the Escort proved to be one of the manufacturer’s most successful models in the 1980s. It earned a much better reputation than the Pinto, which faced widely publicized safety issues, which are never easy to overcome. In fact, the Ford Escort was the single best-selling car in its second year on the market and continued in that tradition during most of the decade. Perhaps some of the success is due in part to the various versions that were available. It was launched as a 2-door hatchback and as a 4-door station wagon, with the 4-door hatchback following a year later. This made it an affordable and yet versatile model for the Ford Motor Company. It was also slightly more stylish due to the fact that it had considerably more chrome than the models sold elsewhere making this a car that the whole family could feel comfortable riding in, including style conscious teenagers. Car Shipping Costs for the Ford Escort are available on this page and to learn more about the Ford Escort you can go here.

Chevy Silverado 1500 2dr Long Bed Car Moving Quotes

The Chevrolet Silverado is the latest full-size pickup truck from Chevrolet. There is also a GMC counterpart named the GMC Sierra. This truck has really made a name for itself in the very competitive truck market. Trucks are an odd vehicle to sell because people take them very seriously and expect some serious working power from these models. No one wants to go haul their boat only to find that their truck doesn’t have enough power to climb a hill. As of 2006, the Silverado pickup is the second-best selling vehicle in the United States, sitting only behind the Ford F-Series pickup truck. The Silverado is actually made of two different platforms: one for standard and one for heavy-duty models.Sales for the Silverado have been spectacular with according to Autodata Corp, 58,696 Silverados were sold in Feb 2007. When that is compared with Ford F-Series sales of 55,251 it looks like the Silverado is holding its own quite well.

Car Moving Quotes For Chevy Silverado 1500 2dr Long Bed

General Motors introduced its first pickup truck in 1930, but the term “Silverado” was a title used only to distinguish the higher-level trim for the Chevrolet C/K pickup trucks, which were made from 1975 through 1999. On a similar note, GMC’s C/K used the “Sierra” as their higher-level trim title on its vehicles up until 1988. In 1988, GMC made a shift and decided to use the “Sierra” name on all GMC pickup trucks. Even so though, the “C/K” nomenclature was continued through 1999. For easy identification, the “C” trucks had rear-wheel drive while “K” models were four-wheel drive. To much dismay, the “C” and “K” designations were dropped in 1999. It appears as though Chevrolet isn’t going anywhere in the truck market and even though they sometimes have trouble competing with foreign cars, they certainly have the truck market cornered in the United States. Go to our easy to use car moving quotes calculator on this page and learn more about the Chevy Silverado 1500.

Jaguar X Type Car Shipping

The Jaguar X-TYPE was designed as a direct competitor to the BMW 3 Series, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the similarly styled Rover 75. Sales have been poor due to its resemblance to the larger XJ, which was traditionally bought by older customers, not the younger ones that Jaguar is so craving. Obviously though, Jaguar is too expensive for most youth, so perhaps their direction is misguided. Initially projected to surpass 100,000 annual sales, the X-TYPE peaked out at 50,000 in 2003, which was significantly less than expected. Sales in the United States, its primary market, dropped from 21,542 in 2004 to 10,941 in 2005 making things even worse. Given that BMW sold 106,950 3 Series cars in the United States in 2005 and Mercedes-Benz sold 60,658 C-Class cars, Jaguar is in a tough place. Additionally, Audi sold 48,922 A4 and S4 models. Only the Lexus IS has posted similarly disappointing sales. Yet, despite these poor numbers, the X-TYPE is Jaguar’s best-selling model, accounting for 36% of overall sales, which does not say much.

 Car Shipping For Jaguar X Type

The X-TYPE is equipped in the United States and Europe with either a 192 hp (143 kW) 2.5 L or a 227 hp (169 kW) 3.0 L Jaguar AJ-V6 engine and all wheel drive. The X-TYPE is also available with a 2.0 L front wheel drive format. In Europe, the X-TYPE is available with a gasoline or diesel engine. It has good handling, particularly the four-wheel drive system that is tuned to send 60% of engine power to the rear wheels and 40% to the front for a sportier feel. It is built on a modified version of the Ford CD132 platform, a British version of the Ford CDW27 platform, which is the base for the Ford Mondeo, and remains in production at Jaguar’s Halewood facility in England. You can go here for more details on the Jaguar X-TYPE. Car Shipping Rates for the Jaguar X-TYPE are available here using our original auto transport calculator on our page.

Scion xB Auto Transport Rates

Looking for a car that will set you apart from the rest? How about Scion xB in salsa red or envy green? This innovative four door, wagon style automobile was the second of two models introduced in the 2004 model year. This year was also the first for the Scion label, a spin off of the Japanese Toyota brand, aimed at a younger generation. Scion has built a reputation around the ability to offer vehicles that are attractive and trendy, as well as an outstanding value for the price tag. It’s easy to see why the Scion Xb has found instant popularity and enjoyed rave reviews from consumers. A five speed manual overdrive transmission is standard, although buyers have the option of choosing a four speed automatic overdrive as an alternative. The Xb is designed to provide a superior level of comfort. Generous leg and head room is found in both the front and back. Additionally, the second row seat is removable and cargo space is plentiful, making storage a snap; a load bearing exterior rack and cargo net are optional for those requiring additional space.

Auto Transport Rates For Scion xB

Standard features include tinted glass, AM/FM stereo with compact disc, air conditioning, and power mirrors, window and door locks, as well as steering wheel mounted controls for added convenience. The 2006 model year put an upgraded audio system inside, and also saw the addition of an optional Pioneer head set with I pod control. Alloy wheels, fog lights, a rear spoiler, sub woofer and leather covered steering wheel round out the optional accessories that are available. The Scion Xb has received high ratings from the International Institute for Highway Safety in each of the three years that it has been reviewed. Antilock Brakes, stability and traction control are all standard safety features. In addition to great looks, a stylish ride, and a high standard of safety, the Xb also gives great gas mileage and superior reliability. The Scion Xb is a great choice for anyone in the market for a unique, fun to drive vehicle that is well within the limits of affordability. Go here for more specs on the Scion xB. You can also receive  instant auto transport rates for the  Scion xB.