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Acura NSX Auto Transport Estimate

The Acura NSX, known outside of North America and Hong Kong as the Honda NSX, remained in production between 1990 and 2005. The Japanese automaker Honda, manufactured this sports car with some impressive features such as the all-aluminum body and chassis, a V6 engine featuring Honda’s VTEC system, and a rear-wheel dive layout. The lighter weight body allowed the NSX to, for a time, sport the highest per-litre specific output of any road worthy V6 vehicle in the world. Most drivers are unaware that NSX is an acronym for “New Sportscar eXperimental” which was pertinent in its showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show and Chicago Auto Shows in 1989. Rumor has it that the ‘X’ originated as the unknown codename that was used during the development phase.

Auto Transport Estimate For Acura NSX

The NSX was received as a futuristic car of the 1990s, which resulted from its ‘ahead of the time’ design. The vehicle exceptionally represented Honda’s ability to utilize racing technologies, not to mention the specific detail that went into hand-selecting the staff that actually assembled the final automobiles. The hand-selected staff were required to have each had at least 10 years of manufacturing experience and an ability to demonstrate their passion and desires to produce top notch vehicles. This dedication paid off for Acura when the Australian magazine Wheels named the NSX Car of the Year in 1991. The NSX still bears a cult following of car enthusiasts who describe the NSX as a ‘supercar’ with regards specifically to its handling, styling and body type. These enthusiasts can revel in the car’s ability in films such as Pulp Fiction, television episodes such as Seinfeld, and videogames such as Gran Turismo. Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, is said to give the NSX as a gift to a few lucky recipients each year. Some even argue that the NSX forced ‘supercar’ companies such as Ferrari to improve their engineering. Auto transport estimates for the Acura NSX are available here using our original shipping quote calculator.

AMC Eagle Auto Transport Estimate

Drivers were introduced to the AMC Eagle, an all-wheel drive passenger car produced by American Motors Corporation (AMC), in 1980 (of which, production continued until the middle of the 1988 model year). The Eagle coupe, sedan, and wagon were loosely based off the AMC Concord. The Eagle was accepted as groundbreaking at its debut, which resulted from the addition of Jeep’s chief engineer, Roy Lunn, joining a Jeep-like 4-wheel-drive driveline with the AMC Concord body. This was merely the next expected step for AMC, who was trying to tackle the debacle surrounding the energy crisis of the late 70s. According to AMC CEO (at that time) Gerald C. Meyers, sales of AMC’s highly coveted Jeep line, which was notorious for being anything but fuel-efficient, had plummeted, leaving AMC in a troubled financial situation. Consequently, the Eagle provided a low-cost way alternative and bridged the gap between AMC’s solid and economical, yet aging passenger cars, and its well-loved, but decidedly more adventurous off-road Jeep line.

Auto Transport Estimate For AMC Eagle

For the first time in passenger cars, the early Eagles were equipped with a true full-time system that operated only in all-wheel drive that delivered a quiet and smooth ride and great traction, on both wet or dry pavement. The competition on the market such as the Subaru and Toyota had only part-time four-wheel drive systems, which could not be engaged on dry pavement. The automotive community was shocked that AMC was able to released the first mass-produced American passenger car with 4-wheel-drive of any type ‘ especially considering AMC was viewed as having past its heyday with regards to delivering revolutionary competent vehicles. Nevertheless, AMC re-branded themselves as a new and innovative company, which allowed them much growth in the next 25 years and beyond. Four Wheeler magazine even went so far as to label the AMC Eagle as the start of a “new generation of cars”. Try getting an auto transport quote for the AMC Eagle right here using our first of a kind auto transport estimate calculator.

Chevy Citation Auto Transport Estimate

One might imagine that the Chevrolet Citation would be an extremely unpopular car based solely on its name, which brings to mind dreaded speeding tickets. Perhaps other drivers thought the same thing given that it was only in production for five short years. It was a compact car sold by the Chevrolet brand of American automaker General Motors starting in 1980 and lasting until 1985. It turns out that the first name that was proposed, and mistakenly not selected was the “Condor”. The Citation became the first compact front wheel drive vehicle sold by GM. General Motors recognized that consumers were looking for smaller cars, and for this reason, they switched from V8 engines to smaller, more economical V6 and 4-cylinder engines. The Citation was some 800 lbs lighter than the rear-drive compacts it replaced. Motor Trend magazine even awarded the Citation Car of the Year for 1980.

Auto Transport Estimate For Chevy Citation

As it turns out consumers loved the 1980 model and because sales came in so fast General Motors was unable to meet the demand. Consequently, consumers had to wait, some even as long as nine months The preparation and development for the Citation look six years. The first samples were created in mid-summer 1976. This car was actually quite a bargain, coming in at just under $6,000. Things went from bad to worse, as the X-body cars were the target of an unsuccessful lawsuit by NHTSA, which cited a propensity to lose control when the brakes were strongly applied. This was not the only problem though that the car faced. The model was continuously recalled which certainly doesn’t instill consumer confidence and the obvious consequence was that sales fell year after year. GM even tried to pull a fast one and rebadge the 1984 and 1985 models as the Citation II, which they thought, would convince consumers that the problems had been solved. Turns out a bad reputation is not that easy to overcome. Auto transport estimates for the Chevy Citation are available here using our original car shipping quote calculator.

Volvo S60 Auto Transport Estimate

Volvo S60 is a compact car manufactured by Volvo, which was first launched in 2000. It uses the Volvo P2 platform, which it also shared with the Volvo V70, the Volvo S80 and the Volvo XC90. This was in fact, one of the first curvy Volvos that was designed by Peter Horbury. The model did receive an upgrade in 2004. The S60 is currently offered in a variety of trim lines, from the 2.5T to the limited edition S60R. Further, a new S60 will be released for the 2009 or the 2010 model year. Initially, the S60 was introduced in 2001 with a top speed of 180mph. Additionally, the model boasted AWD mated to a 300hp and 295 lb/ft engine. In 2006, At Speed Motorsports entered an all wheel drive S60R in five races of the Speed World Challenge GT class. The car was driven by Michael Galati and finished 14th in the overall standings, while also winning one race.

Auto Transport Estimate For Volvo S60

In terms of the model’s performance, the S60 is the car of the Volvo team in the Swedish Touring Car Championship, where it has finished 2nd in the drivers’ championship twice and won the manufacturers’ title once. It should be noted that the Volvo S60 started out as the 850, but not before a three-year interim as the S70. The only downfall that has been noted with the model is the lack of legroom in the rear seat. Nevertheless, all Volvos have relentless safety standards making them highly sought after. In fact, for many years, the Volvo was one of the safest cars in the world. Many of the safety enhancing design elements were carried over from the Volvo VESC, including crumple zones and three-point seat belts. These features allowed the Volvo models to have the lowest driver death rate between 1990 and 1993. Further, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety listed the model as having 0.1 driver deaths per 10,000 registered vehicles during that time period.  Try getting an auto transport estimate for the Volvo S60 right here using our first of a kind auto transport price calculator.


Rolls-Royce Park Ward Auto Transport Estimate

Henry Jervis Mulliner created a coach building business in Brook Street, Mayfair, London. This was an affluent area not far from Conduit Street, which was where Rolls-Royce had its first showroom. Further, the company produced Rolls-Royce Motor cars including the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Rolls-Royce Corniche. The company sadly closed in 1991. In 1919 the company Park and Ward was formed in Willesden, London, and a year later began producing bodies for the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. Henry Royce was very pleased with the quality of the work, which immediately led to a number of orders. Further, by the early 1930s most of their work was from Rolls-Royce. It was coming, and finally in 1939, the company was taken over by Rolls-Royce. Prior though, the company had produced car bodies for several car manufacturers and earned a reputation for quality. The new division of Rolls-Royce Mulliner Park Ward was created and at its peak employed 750 workers.

Auto Transport Estimate For Rolls-Royce Park Ward

Over its 100-year history the company created countless classic designs, and after its closure in 1991 the name Mulliner Park Ward remained as a division within Rolls-Royce. This was of course until the sale and split-up of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, at which point it became a division of Bentley Motors. Much earlier though, in 1922, Park and Ward was asked by Rolls-Royce to take part in a project to make standard bodies for the small 20hp model. The project was later abandoned but they did start to build bodies for Rolls-Royce customers. From the mid-1920s the company started to concentrate solely on Bentley and Rolls-Royce models. This turned out to be a fantastic mixing of skills and talents that went on to produce some of the most beautiful and quality autos ever. It is spectacular that these entities were able to cooperate as one unit for so many years. Learn more about the Rolls-Royce Park Ward  and receive an instant auto transport estimate using our online rate calculator.


Lincoln Mark VI Vehicle Shipping Estimate

As with other 1980 Lincolns, the Lincoln Mark of that year was available with significantly better electronic equipment. New for 1980 was a digital instrument cluster using Vacuum Fluorescent Displays, pushbutton keyless entry, Automatic Overdrive 4-speed automatic transmission and fuel injection on the 4.9 L engine. Reliability of these systems was problematic though for the first few years, which earned these cars a poor reliability record for 1980, 1981 and 1982. Revisions and modifications to the electronics improved the cars’ reliability record for 1983, although the same cannot be said for its reputation. Buyers continued to remember the mechanical problems of the past, which negatively affected sales.

Vehicle Shipping Estimates For Lincoln Mark VI

The 1980 design revision and change to the platform significantly reduced the size of the vehicle as the new model was 14 inches shorter and rode on a wheelbase 6 inches shorter than before; thus, the new car was 500 pounds lighter. Nevertheless, aside from being the only Mark series ever available as a 4-door sedan, the Mark VI retained most of the styling cues of the 1977 Mark V. Even though the car was significantly smaller, it did kept the hallmark opera windows, the Rolls-Royce style grille and the tire hump on the trunk lid. Oddly, the hump actually was empty and did not hold the tire as it once did. The Lincoln Mark, Lincoln’s 2-door personal luxury coupe from 1956 to 1998, was produced while Continental was a separate division of the Ford Motor Company apart from Lincoln. After 1958 Continental merged with Lincoln and the Lincoln Continental became the flagship model. From this point on, the Mark continued to be sold as the Continental Mark II. The Mark kept the Continental prefix until 1984 upon the introduction of the Mark VII. The Mark VIII was the last generation of the Mark and Lincoln’s last personal luxury coupe.Go to our easy to use vehicle shipping estimate calculator on this page and learn more about theLincoln Mark VI.

Aston Martin DB9 Vehicle Shipping Rates

Launched by Aston Martin in 2004, the DB9 is a grand touring performance vehicle, and is the first new car to be built at Aston’s Gaydon facility. Many amateur car enthusiasts are unaware that the name “DB” stems from David Brown, the owner of Aston Martin for a sizeable part of its history. The DB9 was designed by Ian Callum and finished by his successor, Henrik Fisker, and was created to supersede the newly-discontinued Aston Martin DB7 (also by Callum) which hit the production lines in 1994. The DB9 is available in two variants; the coupe and a “Volante” convertible, both of which have 6.0 L 450 brake horsepower (335 kW) V12 engine taken from its sister car the V12 Vanquish. The Vanquish engine does however produce 10 bhp (7 kW) more. Interestingly, this V12 engine is why Aston Martin did not call the car the DB8, which may have confused consumers into believing that the car only had eight cylinders.

Vehicle Shipping Rates For Aston Martin DB9

However, another rumor has made its way around suggesting that Aston Martin believed that this car was such a huge leap from the Jaguar XJ-S that it named it DB9 instead of DB8, intending to indicate a gradual evolution. Sales have continued to soar and as of 2004 production is expected be up to five thousand units a year, which is roughly the same as its tough rivals, in particular, the Ferrari F430 and Porsche 911 Turbo. The DB9 was essential to ensure Aston Martin’s continued survival into the 21st century despite its past financial troubles. However, CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez had to alert Aston loyalists that production numbers of the new DB9 would be slightly higher than previous models which some may see as resulting in a declined value of the vehicle, which would result from some of its appeal stemming from its exclusivity. However, the Aston assured it would still retain only a small statistical percentage of the high-end sports car market despite the change. Go here for more specs on the Aston Martin DB9. You can also receive  instant vehicle shipping rates for the Aston Martin DB9.

BMW 528 Auto Transport

BMW continues to pump high quality cars from their factories and design studios. Their cars are consistently among the highest ranked both mechanically and in customer satisfaction. The 528 can only be described as a high-performance sedan. It joins the 5 Series lineup, which gives BMW a direct rival for the Mercedes-Benz E55, a muscle-car version of the E-Class sedan. The 528 has been on hiatus from the United States for seven years and has thankfully returned for the pleasure of the American drivers. The exterior of the car is a beauty to look at, commands attention while on the road and appears wonderfully in print. However, the real kicker is what is located under the hood. The 528 packs a powerhouse of an engine that is sure to please even the most seasoned drive. More impressive though is that riders feel as if they are sailing on air as the car races down the highways and interstates around the world.

Auto Transport For BMW 528

Five generations of the 5 Series have surfaced to date which gives BMW a high mark to shoot for every time they release a new model into the line. Drivers have come to expect a level of performance and any drop in that would jeopardize the success of all the models that precede it. For the first time with the 5 Series, BMW began its tradition of named its models with a three-digit number. This in fact is a very logical naming scheme. Moreover, the models can be differentiated from each other by their unique chassis numbers (EXX). The first digit (5 in this case) represents the model, and the following two digits (typically) represent the size of the engine. The additional letters or words added to the end of the three-digit number are used to define the fuel type (petrol or diesel), engine or transmission details, and the body style. Go here for more specs on the BMW 528. You can also receive instant auto transport quotes for the BMW 528.

Suzuki Sidekick Auto Transport

The American Suzuki headquarters is located in Brea, California. Through an agreement with General Motors, Suzuki began offering a version of their Suzuki Cultus in the United States as the Chevrolet Sprint in 1985. This model was at first sold as a 3-door hatchback and later became Chevrolet’s smallest model. The Suzuki Escudo is a four wheel drive Sport Utility Vehicle made by Suzuki Motors for the Japanese market. A larger version is also manufactured and was known as the Suzuki Grand Escudo. The Escudo was called the Sidekick in North America and in Europe as the Suzuki Vitara and the Suzuki Grand Vitara. The Pikes Peak Edition of the Escudo is uniquely tuned with over 1000 bhp and four wheel drive. It was entered by Suzuki in a number of Japanese events in the late 1990s, where it actually was victorious in beating most of the competition.

Auto Transport Quotes For Suzuki Sidekick

The car regularly takes part in the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, and is identifiable by its large rear wing and red paintjob. In 1989, American Suzuki launched the Swift, which was the 2nd generation Suzuki Cultus. The Swift was offered as a GTi and GLX hatchback with a 4-door sedan following in 1990. A new small SUV called the Sidekick was also introduced in 1989. By 1991, the introduction of the 4-door Suzuki Sidekick took place, which was the first 4-door mini-SUV in North America. The Swift and Sidekick were cousins to GM’s Geo Metro and Geo Tracker. They were mostly produced in Ingersoll, Canada by Suzuki and GM’s joint venture, CAMI. The Swift GT and 4-door models were imported from Japan though. Things went down hill quite quickly though as bad publicity from Consumer Reports took the brand down quite harshly. The Samurai led to the demise of the American Suzuki division as annual sales in the following years dropped below 20,000 units. Auto transport quotes for the Suzuki Sidekick are available on this page and to learn more about the Sidekick you can go here.

Volvo V50 Vehicle Shipping Estimates

The Volvo V50 is the station wagon version of the Volvo S40, which was a small sedan produced by the Swedish automaker Volvo. The noteworthy features of the V50’s interior include soft theatre lighting and a translucent center stack. In terms of safety, the V50 features all of the standard Volvo safety elements that the brand is so well known for. The V50 was known as the V40 when it first was released in the U.S. in 2000. This vehicle had been sold in Europe for five years prior to that. The second generation began in 2005, at which time the name was upgraded to the V50. This is the smaller choice in the line of Volvo wagons, as opposed to the very popular V70. The model is a nice amalgamation of moderate cargo space and efficiency with the legendary Volvo safety elements.

Vehicle Shipping Estimates For Volvo V50 

The Volvo S40, V40 and V50 are all entry-level luxury cars produced by Volvo. Over the years, there have been two generations with the first being launched in 1995 and the second one being launched in 2004. The model has been well recognized within the automotive community for its high quality. The S40 (V40) was nominated for the World Car of the Year award for 2005 and won the Canadian Car of the Year Best New Sport Compact award for 2005. It has also been elected the South African Car of the Year for 2005 by the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists. Upgrades over the years included things such as improved engine management, direct diesel fuel injection, extra safety features, increased brake disc size, new front suspension and steering, revised rear suspension, larger tires and a moderate widening of the track width. Later, the V40 was replaced by the V50 estate, which was also based on the P1 platform and built in Ghent. Learn more about the station wagon entry-level luxury vehicle the Volvo V50 and receive an instant vehicle shipping estimate using our online rate calculator.