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Eagle Medallion Car Shipping Rates

The Eagle Medallion was a rebadged and re-engineered version of the European Renault 21 for the North American market. While the cars were built on the same platform, the French market 21 and the American market Medallion differed in a few aspects such as features, power train availability, frontal styling and trims. The Medallion began as a model developed by Renault and became a captive import for its corporate partner, American Motors. This joint venture concerning the Medallion began in 1987. It was originally conceived to replace the slow-selling Renault Sportwagon and the revered, but canceled, AMC Concord. The Medallion was badged as a Renault and remained that way until the Chrysler Corporation bought out American Motors in August 1987.

Car Shipping Rates For The Eagle Medallion

Under the hood, the Medallion used a 2.2L I4 engine that was borrowed from the European Renault 25. It was mounted in Renault’s then-traditional north-south configuration, which drove the front wheels through either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 3-speed computer-controlled automatic. The longitudinal engine placement was unusual at a time when most contemporary Front Wheel Drive cars used a more space-efficient transverse engine layout. Nevertheless, the Medallion was still a very spacious car. The sedan was notable for its rather large trunk and the station wagon was unique in that it offered a longer wheelbase than the sedan. This allowed for a front-facing 3rd row seat, such as in the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser and the Ford Freestyle. Base models came in DL trim, while customers could choose up-level LX models. Despite this being a fairly decent automobile, the Medallion had a really poor introduction into the North American market. It never sold in lucrative numbers and as a result Chrysler decided to cease buying this model from Renault. In reality, Chrysler did not want this import competing with their domestic Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler models. The result was a lack of marketing support for the Eagle Medallion line. For more information on the Eagle Medallion go here. You can also receive instant vehicle shipping rates for the Medallion using our online rate calculator.


Porsche 912 Car Shipping Rates

The Porsche 912 was a sports car manufactured by Porsche GmbH of Germany between 1965 and 1969 and took the title as their entry-level model. The 912 took a six-year absence, but the model was thankfully re-introduced to North America in 1976. It was launched at that point as the 912E to fill the entry-level position that was left gaping by the discontinuation of the 914. The new 912 contained the G-Series 911 body, but was powered by a 2.0-liter version of the Volkswagen air-cooled engine. This was the same engine that was previously used in the late-model versions of the 914. In total 2,099 were manufactured, and none were to be officially sold outside of the United States.

Car Shipping Rates For Porsche 912 

In 1965 when the 356 was discontinued, Porsche was left only with the pricey 911. They feared that the large price increase over the 356 would cost the company sales and narrow the appeal of the brand, thus a decision was made by executives to launch a new entry-level model. They set out to build a model on the 911’s chassis and as a result, Porsche was able to offer the 912 for much less than a base-model 911. They did this as well by using the four-cylinder engine from the 356 rather than the 911’s flat six-cylinder and also by limiting the number of standard features. The 912 ended up substantially outselling the 911 during the first few years of production. Slightly more than 30,000 units were made during its five-year production run. After updating the 911 series to include a more powerful 911S and a less expensive 911T, Porsche began to believe that the 912 had become unnecessary. Because of this, the 912 was dropped and supplanted by the 914 in 1970. They were under the impression that the new model would be less expensive for them to manufacture and sell than the 912. Learn more about this sports car,  the Porsche 912,  here and receive instant car shipping rates using our online rate calculator.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Car Shipping Rates

The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a love it or hate it model. There are even PT Cruiser clubs that include die-hard fans that have supped up their Cruisers with all sorts of seemingly odd features. One was even entirely decorated with little shiny decal jewels. The PT Cruiser is a “retro”-styled station wagon or hatchback built by Chrysler and launched in 2001 as an entry-level model. It did make its way onto Car and Driver’s Ten Best list for 2001 and went on to win the North American Car of the Year award that same year. For those wondering, officially, the “PT” stands for “Personal Transportation,” which just might be the simplest naming of a Chrysler to date. The initials do also designate the car’s platform though. It is based on the Chrysler PT platform, which also simply stands for “Platform Tall.”

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On a side note, “PT” was also the production code for the PT Cruiser while in the research and design phase. Unofficially, some like to assume that the name stands for “Plymouth Truck”, as a throwback to the 1930’s line of Plymouth Trucks, which were known by the “PT” moniker. Nevertheless, the body style has remained remarkably consistent from year to year. However, it is hard to tell by looking at them but there are actually multiple models of the PT Cruiser out there. They can be distinguished by unique badges in the lower left hand corner of the rear lift-gate.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Models For Car Shipping2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Car Shipping

The various models include the Classic Edition, the Limited Edition, the Touring Edition, the “Dream Cruiser”, the “Street Cruiser”, the “Pacific Coast Highway Edition” and the GT Cruiser.   Certainly with this many options available, any one who is seeking this particular car will be able to find something that suits their fancy, and if they cannot, they probably need to seek out a different model vehicle. Eventually, like any other model, the PT Cruiser became stale with very little changes compared to its competition. The Chrysler PT Cruiser small size benefits on our car shipping rates calculator, where the prices are usually competitive.