The Nissan 200SX line began with the S10 chassis in 1974, which was sold as the Nissan Silvia in Japan, and as the 200SX in North America and Australia. It was also sold in additional countries as the 200SX. This marked the first of the S chassis series.

The 200SX showcased a 2.0 L carbureted 4-cyl L20B engine that produced 90 hp. In comparing this to the Japanese Silvia, the North America 200SX had large impact-absorbing bumpers, which were required to be in accordance with United States regulation. The Nissan 200SX name refers to several models of cars sold by Nissan Motors around the world. The name was first seen in 1974, and would be used as late as 2002. The story of the 200SX originates with the Nissan Silvia line of 1964. When the Silvia was brought back in the 1970s as a two plus two coupe meant to compete with the Toyota Celica, it was launched in some markets as the 200SX. Although confusing, from 1995 to 1998 Nissan also applied the name 200SX to two various lines of automobiles in different markets.

Auto Transport Rates For The Nissan 200SX

In 1995, Nissan re-launched the 200SX name in North America to define a two-door version of the Nissan Sentra, which replaced the Sentra coupe that was discontinued in 1994 and the Nissan NX that was discontinued in 1993. The latest 200SX came with either a 1.6 L 4-cylinder GA16DE engine or the 2.0 L SR20DE in the sporty SE-R model. This particular front-wheel drive body style was sold in Japan and Mexico as the Nissan Lucino. In most markets, including Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, the S14 chassis succeeded the S13 as the new 200SX. Then, in 1997, the 200SX was given a makeover along with the Silvia and 240SX, which resulted in adding new headlamps with projector optics. To end the naming confusion, 1998 would be the last year for the 200SX in Europe.

Just like the Nissan Sentra, the successor model 200SX is an easy vehicle to ship using our original auto transport quote calculator. To learn more about Nissan and the model 200SX please go here.