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Jeep Scrambler Car Shipping Estimates

The Jeep Scrambler was available only as a two-door hardtop with standard gray vinyl reclining bucket seats and flashy red, white, and blue headrests. Drivers loved the Sun tachometer strapped to the steering column, which added to this model’s appeal in the newly acquired segment. The exterior of the vehicle was anything but mundane! The Ramblers came with the craziest factory paint jobs ever put on muscle cars until that time. Additional featured also included a box-type hood scoop with “390 CU. IN.” and “AIR” in large letters on both sides of it. For those with less than stellar eyesight, a blue arrow on the hood also pointed towards the air intake. The Jeep Scrambler came only in two types of red, white, and blue color schemes (“A” or “B” trims). It looks as though sometimes simpler is better, for the Scrambler came with no other available options than its stock AM radio. Standard items were plenty though, and drivers could enjoy racing mirrors, anti-hop rear axle links, and two-tone styled wheels with red stripe Goodyear Polyglas tires. This was a car to be taken seriously considering it could run a quarter of a mile in as fast as 14s at about 100 mph.

Car Shipping Estimates For Jeep Scrambler

The year 1969 marks a special event – the production of the Jeep Scrambler. This was a very limited release vehicle of which only 1,512 were ever produced. In fact, it was probably the only production model manufactured and promoted for a target racing class, the National Hot Rod Association F/Stock class. Racing had earned its place in the market and was a hot segment to appeal to for many reasons, one of which was for the esteem and prestige that the maker could attain by producing a top notch performance vehicle. The Jeep Scrambler came equipped with a powerful 390 in V8 from the AMX and was mated to a four-speed manual transmission with a Hurst shifter. The drive train was also strengthened and the body components were impeccable. American Motors, which was not individually equipped to produce a performance vehicle of this kind, called on Hurst Performance Research Inc. to develop a “Stock Car” model, which humorously was nicknamed the “Scrambler” in an effort to make a strong impact in the compact muscle market segment. Go to our easy to use car shipping estimates calculator on this page and learn more about the Jeep Scrambler.

Subaru Outback Car Shipping Estimates

The Subaru Outback is a mid-size car produced by Japanese automaker Subaru since 1996. Subaru of America executives created the Outback because the SUV craze had at that point reached a pivotal point with customers demanding SUVs and turning their backs on Subaru’s station wagons. Dealers were left clamoring for an SUV-like product to sell. The Outback is a five-door station wagon that shares its chassis with the Subaru Legacy and features Subaru’s four-wheel drive. It is marketed against competing mid-sized body-on-frame sport utility vehicles, as well as other off-road station wagons. Marketing included Subaru’s trademarked phrase, “The World’s First Sport Utility Wagon”. However, this is false, as in 1979, American Motors launched the AMC Concord-based AMC Eagle, which would take that title.

Car Shipping Estimates For Subaru Outback

Sales of the Outback began in 1996 in the United States and the models were assembled in the Subaru of Indiana Automotive plant in Lafayette, Indiana. Subaru has been manufacturing four-wheel drive station wagons since 1975. The Outback turned out thankfully to be a success, as it clearly outsold the Legacy. Smart ads featured the Australian “Crocodile Dundee” star Paul Hogan using the Outback in adventurous situations where it was portrayed against its competitors, which included the Ford Explorer. Later, other companies followed suit with similar raised four-wheel drive station wagons as interim models before their own SUVs were launched. Or they were also used if they did not intend to introducing an SUV at all. These included the likes of the Audi Allroad Quattro, the Volvo XC70, the Alfa Romeo 156 CrossWagon and the Holden Adventra. Further, of all of the crossover type vehicles on the market, the Outback is aesthetically more pleasing than the competition. Many crossover vehicles end up looking like an unidentifiable and awkward machine. The Outback however does not suffer from this lack of distinction. Car shipping estimates for the Subaru Outback are available here using our original shipping quote calculator.

Mercedes-Benz R 350 Car Shipping Estimates

The Mercedes R350 could be considered either a minivan, an SUV, or a station wagon. This is a super crossover model. Mercedes does like to call it a SUV but that might be stretching it. It does have a 3.5-liter V6 rated at 268 horsepower and 258 lb/ft of torque. A seven speed automatic transmission comes standard, and fuel economy is rated at 16 mpg city and 21 mpg highway. This is fairly poor fuel economy, but what more do you expect. The interior has the luxurious feel typical of a Mercedes. As a crossover/SUV/station wagon, it also seems to account well for the influx of children that might be entering and exiting the vehicle. Reviewers seem to love the spaciousness and safety of this vehicle, and are quoted as saying they feel their children are safe, and everybody is comfortable. They applaud the smooth, quiet ride which is nice when the baby in the back is sleeping.

Car Shipping Estimates For Mercedes-Benz R 350

Benz created this model given that they were experiencing intense pressure from Infiniti and Lexus, which led to adding more features and options as to set the 350 apart from the rest and to justify the higher price. Now, whether or not it was justified is another story. The 350 was even to feature air suspension as an option, but Mercedes was still perfecting the technology and chose to launch air-suspension in the next generation S-Class. This turned out to be a good move, as otherwise buyers would have been waiting for some time. The W220 S-Class superseded the 350 series S-Class in 1999 after an eight-year production run, and by the C215 CL-Class in 2000. This super crossover seems to be a great family mobile, and hopefully, Mercedes- Benz can come out with some other popular family mobiles in the future. Learn more about the crossover vehicle the Mercedes-Benz R 350 and receive car shipping estimates using our online rate calculator.

Nissan 300 ZX Car Shipping Estimates

The 300ZX name was taken in accordance with the numerical convention set forth by Yutaka Katayama, the then President of Nissan Motors USA. This naming practice was to be used in the North American, European, and Australian markets. However, this was not the case in the Japanese home market, as the official name Fairlady Z is used as opposed to the name 300ZX. The Nissan 300ZX is a sports car that comprises the third and fourth generations of the Z-car line-up, and have been respectively given the chassis designations Z31 and Z32. The Z31 and Z32 feature a 3.0 liter, V6, naturally aspirated or turbocharged engine. Granted, both motors are from the same VG series and have the same displacement, but the output of the Z32 is greater than that of the Z31. The main difference though in the newer motor is the addition of dual overhead camshafts, and for the turbocharged version, dual intercoolers and variable valve timing. This is the reason for the difference in output and performance. Further, the Z31 chassis was designed after the previous Z-car, which was the Nissan 280ZX. Moreover, there were two special editions based on it as well.

Car Shipping Estimates For Nissan 300 ZX

The 50th Anniversary Edition focused on luxury to celebrate the company’s semi-centennial in 1984. Nissan recognized that they did have some luxury type buyers, not just performance junkies. On the other hand, the Shiro Special that was released 4 years later boasted performance-oriented upgrades. Further, the styling was completely redesigned with the release of the Z32, with a slant toward finer curves and more efficient aerodynamics. The newer chassis also featured four-wheel steering, which was called Super HICAS. This was only offered in its top-of-the-line models. Then, in 1996, Nissan designated the final 300 American units the Commemorative Edition. Production of the Z32 was finished outside of the home market although it did continue in Japan until August of 2000. Go here for more specs on the Nissan 300 ZX. You can also receive  instant car shipping estimates for the Nissan 300 ZX.

Cadillac DeVille Car Shipping Estimates

The name “Cadillac DeVille” might just be the best name on the market for a car. There is something about the way it flows off the tip of the tongue and for some reason is impossible to forget. The DeVille name has been used on numerous Cadillac luxury models. After the Fleetwood model was sadly dropped from the Cadillac lineup, the DeVille became the largest Cadillac sedan available. It is really to bad that the DeVille name has been replaced by DTS for the 2006 model year. Perhaps one of the reasons the DeVilles are so memorable is that they are popular as limousines and hearses and thus are seen in particular situations where our memories are likely to remember them by.Even the Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has the DeVille as his official car. As it turns out, the car was recommended by the Massachusetts State Police for use. It has a nice security system and great exterior color. As with most things in the political circuit, there was a controversy spurred over the $38,000 choice. Nevertheless, the Governor looks sharp riding in his new car.

Car Shipping Estimates For Cadillac DeVille

The origins of the “DeVille” name are intriguing in that it derives its name from its body styling, which featured an open chauffeur’s compartment and enclosed passenger compartment. This design layout allowed the vehicle to become more than just a car, and more of a status symbol. Cadillac brought the name to the marketplace in 1949 on the Coupe De Ville, after which a 4-door hardtop version appeared in 1956. Both cars were built on the Series 62. Beginning in 1965, DeVille took the reigns as Cadillac’s mainstream model, which was a high honor to have. Seeing that the name is so unforgettable, this seems to have been a smart move on the part of Cadillac executive and designers. Use our car shipping estimates calculator and learn about the Cadillac DeVille by going here. Car shipping estimates are easy on this page.

Plymouth Scamp Car Shipping Estimates

The Plymouth Scamp was an automobile manufactured by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation from 1960 until 1976. It was released as a lower-priced, shorter wheelbase, full-size Plymouth in 1960 and 1961, and later became a mid-size car in 1962. By 1963 it was a compact car, which it continued to be so until 1976. Some may remember the ‘Dart’ name from somewhere else and that is because Dodge also used ‘Dart’ on a Ghia-built show car in the 1950s. The first Plymouth Darts to hit the market were full-size cars that were developed to compete with the other models on the market in the low-priced car segment. The history behind this is that the Dodge dealers had been selling Plymouths since 1930, but divisional restructuring in 1960 took Plymouth away from the Dodge dealer network. Thus the need for something new.

Car Shipping Estimates For Plymouth Scamp

The Dart was a shorter wheelbase full-size car as opposed to the standard-size Dodge line, and it was based on the Plymouth platform. The Dart could be had in three trim levels: the entry-level Seneca, the mid-range Pioneer, and the better-equipped Phoenix. The Dart and its sister model, the Plymouth Valiant, were significantly remade for the 1967 model year. In addition to new styling, the cars steering systems were upgraded, including wider front track and redesigned K-members capable of accepting physically larger engines. The Dart remained on this basic form, be it with a few facelifts such as a revised front and rear end and interior trim, until the end of A-body production in 1976. The Plymouth Dart did remain in production until a little later for the South American markets, specifically until 1983. The Dart was definitely better received in the Southern American markets than in the Northern American markets and the reason for this is not particularly stated. For more details on the Plymouth Scamp you can go here. Car shipping estimates are easy on this page using our original shipping quote calculator.

Toyota Corolla Car Shipping Estimates

The Toyota Corolla has been hailed as one of the best selling sedans in America. Thanks to great looks, the high level of quality that follows all vehicles built under the Toyota name, are also of superior reliability and safety. The Japanese automaker first unveiled the Corolla way back in the 1969 model year, and has provided consumers with a finely crafted, cost-effective vehicle in the many decades since its inception. Now in its ninth generation, the auto has received numerous updates to accommodate the needs of a rapidly changing, technologically advanced society, retaining its popularity and appeal in the process. Each generation of the Toyota Corolla can aid in defining a generation of American history in itself.

Car Shipping Estimates Calculator For The Toyota Corolla

Originally, the Corolla came packaged in coke bottle design, with a choice of sedan, coupe or wagon styles, and later added a wagon and van version in the second and third generations. Minor enhancements were made and features added throughout the 1970’s model years. In addition, the Corolla was recognized as one of the best selling cars in the world in 1970. The Corolla continued to build a solid reputation and growing popularity with consumers during the remainder of the 1970’s and 1980’s. The 1993 model year premiered a completely refashioned Toyota Corolla, with a more attractive exterior and new front grille design, interior improvements and the addition of an LE trim, which included more standard equipment when compared with the others, including air conditioning and power window and door locks. The older Corolla models were a bit heavier, so us the car shipping estimates calculator to determine your rate.2006 Toyota Corolla Car Shipping

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The next major makeover occurred in 1998, when three new trims were released, the VE, LE, and CE. A five speed automatic transmission was standard in all, with an alternative four speed automatic offered in the CE and LE. These trims also included tilt steering, air conditioning and a cassette player as standard features, and the LE also offered power window and door locks as part of its base package. Optional equipment in all three trims included a sun roof, compact disc player and cruise control for an additional contemporary convenience. The 2001 model year introduced the first Toyota to include a trunk release from the inside, and the debut of an ultra trendy, brand new S trim style. Direct Express Auto Transport has great success shipping that model and year.

The New Generation of Corolla

The next generation for the Corolla occurred for 2003. In this year, the auto received a total redesigned look. Additionally, an AM/FM stereo with compact disc became part of the standard equipment in this year. Following the Corolla’s 35th anniversary year, 2005 saw several more exterior upgrades, and the introduction of a sporty XRS version, ideal for the youthful group of drivers. Driver, passenger, and side airbags are among standard safety equipment, and antilock brakes are available as optional features in all trim styles. Since 2003, the Corolla has earned a five star frontal crash test safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Toyota Corolla has been a consistent top seller in the United States and abroad, with an infamous global presence and the ability to offer outstanding reliability and excellent gas mileage and a roomy, comfortable interior in a compact four door sedan that fits within the means of the vast majority of consumers. To learn more about this extraordinarily successful Toyota model go here, and use our car shipping estimates calculator to get a rate.