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Chevy Citation Auto Transport Estimate

One might imagine that the Chevrolet Citation would be an extremely unpopular car based solely on its name, which brings to mind dreaded speeding tickets. Perhaps other drivers thought the same thing given that it was only in production for five short years. It was a compact car sold by the Chevrolet brand of American automaker General Motors starting in 1980 and lasting until 1985. It turns out that the first name that was proposed, and mistakenly not selected was the “Condor”. The Citation became the first compact front wheel drive vehicle sold by GM. General Motors recognized that consumers were looking for smaller cars, and for this reason, they switched from V8 engines to smaller, more economical V6 and 4-cylinder engines. The Citation was some 800 lbs lighter than the rear-drive compacts it replaced. Motor Trend magazine even awarded the Citation Car of the Year for 1980.

Auto Transport Estimate For Chevy Citation

As it turns out consumers loved the 1980 model and because sales came in so fast General Motors was unable to meet the demand. Consequently, consumers had to wait, some even as long as nine months The preparation and development for the Citation look six years. The first samples were created in mid-summer 1976. This car was actually quite a bargain, coming in at just under $6,000. Things went from bad to worse, as the X-body cars were the target of an unsuccessful lawsuit by NHTSA, which cited a propensity to lose control when the brakes were strongly applied. This was not the only problem though that the car faced. The model was continuously recalled which certainly doesn’t instill consumer confidence and the obvious consequence was that sales fell year after year. GM even tried to pull a fast one and rebadge the 1984 and 1985 models as the Citation II, which they thought, would convince consumers that the problems had been solved. Turns out a bad reputation is not that easy to overcome. Auto transport estimates for the Chevy Citation are available here using our original car shipping quote calculator.

Chevy Silverado 1500 4dr Short Bed Auto Transport Rates

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4-Door Short Bed is the latest full-size pickup truck from Chevrolet. There is also a GMC counterpart named the GMC Sierra. This truck has really made a name for itself in the very competitive truck market. Trucks are an odd vehicle to sell because people take them very seriously and expect some serious working power from these models. No one wants to go haul their boat only to find that their truck doesn’t have enough power to climb a hill. As of 2006, the Silverado pickup is the second-best selling vehicle in the United States, sitting only behind the Ford F-Series pickup truck. The Silverado 1500 4-Door Short Bed is actually made of two different platforms: one for standard and one for heavy-duty models. Sales for the Silverado have been spectacular with according to Autodata Corp, 58,696 Silverados were sold in Feb 2007. When that is compared with Ford F-Series sales of 55,251 it looks like the Silverado is holding its own quite well.

Auto Transport Rates For Chevy Silverado 1500 4dr Short Bed

General Motors introduced its first pickup truck in 1930, but the term “Silverado” was a title used only to distinguish the higher-level trim for the Chevrolet C/K pickup trucks, which were made from 1975 through 1999. On a similar note, GMC’s C/K used the “Sierra” as their higher-level trim title on its vehicles up until 1988. In 1988, GMC made a shift and decided to use the “Sierra” name on all GMC pickup trucks. Even so though, the “C/K” nomenclature was continued through 1999. For easy identification, the “C” trucks had rear-wheel drive while “K” models were four-wheel drive. To much dismay, the “C” and “K” designations were dropped in 1999. It appears as though Chevrolet isn’t going anywhere in the truck market and even though they sometimes have trouble competing with foreign cars, they certainly have the truck market cornered in the United States. Go to our easy to use auto transport rates calculator on this page and learn more about the Chevy Silverado 1500 4dr Short Bed.

Chevy TrailBlazer Auto Shipping Costs

Introduced in 1999 was the Chevrolet TrailBlazer, a mid-size SUV produced by the Chevrolet division of American automaker General Motors. This model was created as an upscale trim line of the Blazer, and graduated to a model of its own in 2002. This created a little bit of a shake up in the Blazer line because the TrailBlazer was an optional trim package. Nevertheless, the rest of the line continued with the exception of that particular trim. The TrailBlazer was nearly and instant success and it won the North American Truck of the Year award in 2002. It is pretty amazing that the TrailBlazer was so successful because it had some serious shoes to fill. The Blazer, which it replaces, was very popular and a favorite among drivers. This left the TrailBlazer as the company’s mid-size SUV.

Auto Shipping Costs For Chevy TrailBlazer

Chevrolet must have expected somewhat of a fallout so they kept the Blazer in production for a few years after the TrailBlazer was released. In 2005, the last year that the Blazer was produced, the 2-door model was sold at retail while the 4-door was only available for fleet sales. The TrailBlazer is built on a truck platform, which is why some people have commented that it drives more like a truck than a traditional SUV. Nevertheless, all models have four-wheel drive as an option, which makes this a great vehicle for some tough driving. Additionally, the driver really doesn’t have to worry about taking this vehicle off pavement given the moderately high ground clearance, which allows for moderate to heavy off-road usage. On the down side is the models increased width and lack of suspension, which uncomfortably causes it to high side when it encounters large rocks. This is sure to make the driver a little leery of going much farther into the wilderness. Learn more about the Chevy TrailBlazer and receive instant auto shipping costs using our online rate calculator.

Jeep Wrangler 2 door Car Shipping Cost

From 1987 till 1992 the Jeep Wrangler 2 door was built in Brampton Ontario, Canada; although, today the Jeep Wrangler is produced at Jeep’s Toledo South Assembly plant in Toledo, Ohio on account of the Canada’s plant closure. In fact the Jeep Wrangler name was not even used in Canada, as it was a trim level of Chevrolet pickup in that particular market. Rather, from 1987 to 1995, the models were sold as YJ, and from 1997 to 2006, the models were sold as TJ. For those looking to fit into the Wrangler community it may be interesting to know that the model designations of YJ and TJ are used throughout the world in the Jeep buff community to differentiate which model is being spoken of ‘ rather than using the more ambiguous term “Wrangler”. The Wrangler replaced the much loved but slower-selling Jeep CJ in 1987. The new design included a wider wheelbase, slightly less ground clearance, and more comfort. The Wrangler also had a leaf spring suspension much like that of the CJ, however, the springs were wider, and the YJs sported track bars and sway bars for added handling.

Car Shipping Cost For Jeep Wrangler 2 door

The Wranglers are easily identifiable by their rectangular headlights, which ironically were a source of controversy when they were released. Despite the new grill, the body is much like that of the CJ’s, and it is interchangeable with some slight modifications. In fact, many CJ owners with a rusted body replace them with a newer Jeep Wrangler body, as they are almost cosmetically identical and the lines from the nose match up perfectly. In total 632,231 Jeep Wranglers were built through model year 1995 and the ever-popular production continues today. The trend setting Jeep was first produced by Willys and later produced by Kaiser-Jeep and AMC. The debut of the Jeep Wrangler 2dr in 1987 was a key moment for the adventurous type looking for a stylish and fun to drive off-roading vehicle with a soft top. The model was updated in 1997 and again in 2007, and is still popular today ‘ something that many automakers cannot claim for their older models. Learn more about the Jeep Wrangler 2 door and receive an instant car shipping cost using our online rate calculator.


Volvo S60 Auto Transport Estimate

Volvo S60 is a compact car manufactured by Volvo, which was first launched in 2000. It uses the Volvo P2 platform, which it also shared with the Volvo V70, the Volvo S80 and the Volvo XC90. This was in fact, one of the first curvy Volvos that was designed by Peter Horbury. The model did receive an upgrade in 2004. The S60 is currently offered in a variety of trim lines, from the 2.5T to the limited edition S60R. Further, a new S60 will be released for the 2009 or the 2010 model year. Initially, the S60 was introduced in 2001 with a top speed of 180mph. Additionally, the model boasted AWD mated to a 300hp and 295 lb/ft engine. In 2006, At Speed Motorsports entered an all wheel drive S60R in five races of the Speed World Challenge GT class. The car was driven by Michael Galati and finished 14th in the overall standings, while also winning one race.

Auto Transport Estimate For Volvo S60

In terms of the model’s performance, the S60 is the car of the Volvo team in the Swedish Touring Car Championship, where it has finished 2nd in the drivers’ championship twice and won the manufacturers’ title once. It should be noted that the Volvo S60 started out as the 850, but not before a three-year interim as the S70. The only downfall that has been noted with the model is the lack of legroom in the rear seat. Nevertheless, all Volvos have relentless safety standards making them highly sought after. In fact, for many years, the Volvo was one of the safest cars in the world. Many of the safety enhancing design elements were carried over from the Volvo VESC, including crumple zones and three-point seat belts. These features allowed the Volvo models to have the lowest driver death rate between 1990 and 1993. Further, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety listed the model as having 0.1 driver deaths per 10,000 registered vehicles during that time period.  Try getting an auto transport estimate for the Volvo S60 right here using our first of a kind auto transport price calculator.


Daewoo Nubira Car Shipping Quote

The first generation car, model J100, was released to the market in 1997 as Daewoo Nubira. It remained in the market until 1999. The Nubira takes its name from the Korean word Nubira, which means, “to go everywhere”. The Nubira was needed as a replacement for the GM T platform-based Daewoo Nexia and was designed by Italian I.DE.A Institute. It came available in both a sedan and a station wagon model. In 2000, the first generation underwent an impressive 90 improvements and was re-launched as model J150. In the Korean market, the J150 was marketed as the Daewoo Nubira II. Examples of the upgrades include a welcomed increase in passenger space and a reduction in noise, harshness and vibration. This had been a particular problem from the engine and was corrected by adding a fourth engine mount and by tuning the intake resonators. In addition, Daewoo’s Worthing Technical Center in the United Kingdom altered the exterior design.

Car Shipping Quote For Daewoo Nubira

All of the Nubiras had a choice of 1.6 or 2.0-litre gasoline engines. No diesel version was ever offered although drivers had hoped for one given that it sat on a platform whose previous models had been offered in diesel. In 2003, the Nubira was replaced by the Daewoo Lacetti (model J200), which was a new Pininfarina-designed sedan. Te expansion of the lineup continued with the presentation of the new station wagon in 2004. To make matters even more confusing, in some European market, the Nubira name was kept for the sedans and the station wagons. Drivers that would like to get their hands on the Nubira can do so, but it will take some work. The Daewoo Nubira is still produced in Romania, in a former Daewoo factory, which has the license from General Motors Daewoo, but nevertheless, it is still being pushed down the factory line. Use our car shipping quote calculator, which we created first, and learn about the Daewoo Nubira by going here. Auto transport estimates are easy on this page.

Mercedes-Benz SL 550 Vehicle Transport Quote

Interior features of the SL 550 are in tune with the SL 550’s status as one of the top luxury roadsters. It includes 12-way power-adjustable heated front seats, a leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift knob, deluxe velour carpeting, dual-zone automatic climate control, power windows, electronic cruise control and hand-polished Chestnut, Burl Walnut, or Black Ash wood trim. And in reality, the features are really more numerous than this, but to list them all would fill the page. Further, the SL roadster is one of the most recognizable and in demand vehicles in the world, thanks to its combination of flashy styling, powerful performance, and agile handling make the driving experience practically unmatchable. One of the SL’s latest configurations is the SL 550, which was introduced in 2007 as an heir to the previous year’s SL 500 roadster. These are of course large shoes to fill, but it seems to be doing a great job at it.

Vehicle Transport Quote For Mercedes-Benz SL 550

The SL 550 features an aerodynamic and strapping appearance. The exterior design features include a gray titanium grille, Xenon high-intensity headlights, halogen front fog lights, side vents and dual chrome exhaust tips. Traditionally, like all SL roadsters, it is also equipped with an electro hydraulic retractable aluminum folding hardtop that stows in the trunk. This makes it a great car to take out for that romantic evening drive or for that exciting cruise down the coast. Either the console controller or the Smart Key remote can operate the roof, which has an electrically heated rear window. Under the hood of the rear-wheel-drive SL 550 has a new 5.5-liter, double-overhead-cam V8 engine that produces a whopping 382 horsepower. Coming standard is a seven-speed automatic transmission with driver adaptive programming. Further, for communications and entertainment, the SL 550 is also equipped with the COMAND-DVD Cockpit Management and Data System. You can obtain more information going here and a vehicle transport quote on our calculator for your Mercedes-Benz SL 550.

Ford Pinto Vehicle Shipping

The Ford Pinto was a subcompact car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company for the North American market and was first introduced in 1971. Fabrication continued through the 1980 model year. Its legacy is best remembered for its safety problems, which were numerous. Like many Ford cars, it had a “twin” which in the case of the Pinto was the Mercury Bobcat. This sister vehicle was introduced in Canada in 1974 and then in the United States for 1975. The Pinto, part of a new American subcompact car class, was introduced in the same time period as the Chevrolet Vega and the AMC Gremlin. Although the previously introduced Ford Maverick was initially compared with the Volkswagen Beetle, it was still designed around a V6 or V8 motor, with an interior featuring two bench seats.The Pinto on the other hand was aimed squarely at small 4 cylinder imports such as the Beetle and the Toyota Corolla.

Vehicle Shipping For Ford Pinto

The Pinto was the most successful of the U.S. designs although the Vega and sometimes even the Gremlin would win higher magazine ratings. This really did not seem to bother Ford given that the Pinto was selling. It was also the starting point for the downsized Mustang II pony car. Because of the Pinto’s success, they were built all around North America, including St. Thomas, Ontario, Edison, New Jersey, and in California. Compared with other imports, seating in the Pinto was very low to the floor. Styling somewhat resembled the larger Ford Maverick in grille and tail light themes, but had a smooth fastback profile. Available body styles included a two-door coupe with a conventional trunk, a three-door hatchback called the Runabout, a two-door station wagon and the Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon. The Wagon was produced from 1977 to 1980 and styled to resemble a small conversion van complete with a round “bubble window” in the side panels. Try getting a vehicle shipping quote for the Ford Pinto right here using our first of a kind auto transport price calculator.

Rolls-Royce Park Ward Auto Transport Estimate

Henry Jervis Mulliner created a coach building business in Brook Street, Mayfair, London. This was an affluent area not far from Conduit Street, which was where Rolls-Royce had its first showroom. Further, the company produced Rolls-Royce Motor cars including the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Rolls-Royce Corniche. The company sadly closed in 1991. In 1919 the company Park and Ward was formed in Willesden, London, and a year later began producing bodies for the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. Henry Royce was very pleased with the quality of the work, which immediately led to a number of orders. Further, by the early 1930s most of their work was from Rolls-Royce. It was coming, and finally in 1939, the company was taken over by Rolls-Royce. Prior though, the company had produced car bodies for several car manufacturers and earned a reputation for quality. The new division of Rolls-Royce Mulliner Park Ward was created and at its peak employed 750 workers.

Auto Transport Estimate For Rolls-Royce Park Ward

Over its 100-year history the company created countless classic designs, and after its closure in 1991 the name Mulliner Park Ward remained as a division within Rolls-Royce. This was of course until the sale and split-up of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, at which point it became a division of Bentley Motors. Much earlier though, in 1922, Park and Ward was asked by Rolls-Royce to take part in a project to make standard bodies for the small 20hp model. The project was later abandoned but they did start to build bodies for Rolls-Royce customers. From the mid-1920s the company started to concentrate solely on Bentley and Rolls-Royce models. This turned out to be a fantastic mixing of skills and talents that went on to produce some of the most beautiful and quality autos ever. It is spectacular that these entities were able to cooperate as one unit for so many years. Learn more about the Rolls-Royce Park Ward  and receive an instant auto transport estimate using our online rate calculator.


Suzuki X-90 Car Transport Cost

The Suzuki X-90, known as the Cabrio in Japan, was a small Sport Utility Vehicle sold from 1996 through 1998. It was loosely based on the Suzuki Sidekick, but had extremely rounded styling, two doors, seating for two and a T-section removable roof. It supplanted the Samurai for the United States. The X-90 was offered with four wheel drive or rear wheel drive and used a 1.6 L I4 16-valve engine, which pumped out 95 hp. The transmission choices offered were a 5-speed manual or an automatic. Air conditioning was also available, as was a dealer installed 6 disk CD changer. It had dual air bags and anti-lock brakes for the safety conscious drivers. The suspension used MacPherson struts and coil springs in front and coil springs with wishbone and trailing links in the rear of the vehicle.

Car Transport Cost For Suzuki X-90

To be expected, sales in Europe were poor. In total 1,500 units reached the UK alone and Suzuki had trouble marketing and even selling the models. Very appropriately, in 2004, BBC’s Top Gear magazine awarded the car the status of the worst car of all time. This is of course one award that no company is looking to claim. The X-90 began as a concept car and had initially received wide praise from the public. However, as previously stated, the production vehicle was a flop. Just 7,205 X-90s were imported into the US in total. More than half were sold in 1996, with sales dropping to 2,087 the next year and just 477 units in 1998. The Sidekick was thankfully replaced by the Vitara and the Grand Vitara for 1999. The Grand Vitara became Suzuki’s first model with a V6-cylinder engine and it was available 4-wheel ABS brakes. Suzuki will be very glad to put the X-90 far behind them and work toward bigger and better things. You can obtain more information going here and a car transport cost on our calculator for your Suzuki X-90.