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Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 Auto Shipping

The SLK was remade in 2004 with a new Formula One inspired styling and severe performance. For 2005 the new R171-platform SLK was again on Car and Driver’s coveted Ten Best list, and it also won the Canadian Best New Convertible award. The SLK 350 was well on its way of making a nice name for itself. Oddly too, the car was specifically marketed to appeal to women. This is not meant as an insult to any men out there that happen to own the vehicle, but it was specifically placed in ads in women’s magazines where most sports cars are advertised for in men’s magazines, or at least unisex magazines like Newsweek and Time.

Auto Shipping Quotes For The Mercedes-Benz SLK 350

The current SLK is built in Bremen, Germany, where the SLK 350 was manufactured. This entire Class has been claimed to be fun to drive, with the SLK 350 particularly, accelerating from 0-60 mph in a very short 5.4 seconds. Further, to the delight of drivers, there are rumors that Mercedes-Benz is going to produce a SLK 63 AMG model. This of course would involve AMG, which is well renowned to produce awesome and powerful autos. It is slated to include their new 6.2L naturally aspirated engine designed from scratch by the AMG division itself. The SLK 350 is equipped under the hood with the new 3.5 L 200 kW double overhead cam V6 engine. It does have a computer limited top speed of 155 mph. The true potential of the vehicle is most likely higher than that though. The R 171 chassis represents the second generation of Mercedes-Benz SLK. When compared with the R 170, the R 171 chasses is larger. Given that, it is very impressive that the SLK 350 handles so well and has the power that it does. Chalk another one up for Mercedes- Benz. Learn more on the fun to drive SLK 350  by going here. Get an auto shipping quote for the Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 right here on this page too.

Hudson Commodore Auto Shipping Quotes

It is ok if you do not know what the Hudson Commodore is, or even if you have not heard of Hudson at all. It would be much more surprising that you have ever seen a Hudson given that the Brand was only around for two models. The Hudson Commodore was an automobile produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan between 1941 and 1952. During its years in production, the Commodore model represented the largest, and most luxurious of the Hudson models, which really isn’t saying that much because there were only two. The Commodore models rode exclusively on the 121″ wheelbase, while Commodore Customs, a sister vehicle, rode either on the company’s 121″ wheelbase for coupes, or 128″ for sedans. For the 1948 model, Hudson introduced the “step-down” automobile body. This was based on the added height of the configuration, requiring passengers to step up and into the vehicles and then step down to the vehicle floor.

Auto Shipping Quotes For Hudson Commodore

For those wondering where Hudson even came from, they made an impressive comeback after World War II and began automobile production again on August 30, 1945. Body styles were trimmed to Sedan, Club Coupe and Convertible. All models were based on the 1942 model Hudson with mostly minor cosmetic changes. One exception to this was the car’s grille, which now sported a concave center section. Most have heard of AMC, and Hudson eventually was swallowed up by the company. Following their merger into Nash, Hudson automobile production was switched to the American Motors facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Following a weak 1955 model year, AMC chose to hand over the Hudson styling contract to Richard Arbib, who created a distinctive look for the Hudson line based on what he termed as “V-Line” styling. The move failed to attract any new customers to Hudson, and production quickly fell beneath the brand’s disastrous 1955 model year product. Thus, Hudson came to an end. They survived WWII, but not a corporate buyout.  Learn more about the Hudson Commodore by going here and receive an instant auto shipping quote using our online rate calculator.