Vehicle Transport for Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are a great innovation that has been around almost since the automobile was invented. Pickup trucks originally would come with just the chassis, and you would buy the chassis and then the body separately depending on what you are using for. Today, that practice has changed (though you can still buy a chassis through Ford and then customize it from there), with most companies opting instead for pre-designed pickup truck lines that work much like their automobile or SUV lineups. Almost every major automobile manufacturer that sells vehicles in the U.S. has some type of pickup truck, and moving most of them shouldn’t be a problem - though some may be too large for most carriers, which we’ll discuss in a minute.

Like with SUV shipping services, you want to make sure that you have the exact year, make and model of your pickup when you’re looking around for quotes. Pickup trucks come in all different shapes, sizes, makes and models, and knowing what exact pickup you’re shipping will go a long way to calculating an accurate auto transport quote for you. If your pickup truck is rather large, you should have the dimensions on hand too, just in case; not everyone will ask for them, though some will in order to further ensure that your quote is completely accurate.

Pickup trucks usually come with some sort of oversize or overweight vehicle shipping fee that is imposed by the carrier. Carriers don’t like hauling larger vehicles because it makes them burn more fuel along the same route, so in order to compensate they up the price for heavier vehicles. PIckup trucks are almost always heavier than a standard car, and overweight fees can range from $50-$300 depending on the size of your pickup truck. However, you should never misrepresent the size of your pickup to try and get a better price - misrepresenting your vehicle can cause your shipper to book with the wrong type of carrier that will be unable to load your truck, which is frustrating for you, for the carrier and the broker and wastes everyone’s time.