Cadillac DTS

The DTS has some large shoes to fill. It takes over as the largest luxury car in the Cadillac line of vehicles. More so, though, it has to follow in the footsteps of the very popular and highly regarded DeVille. As it turns out, this model is intended to take the automaker in a new naming and styling direction. The DTS can be found being produced at General Motor’s Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly factory in Hamtramck, Michigan. The luxury model will run the consumer US$41,990, and for those looking for something even better, they can select the Performance version which is going for US$50,490. Cadillac must be pleased to know that the DTS is the best-selling full-size luxury car in North America. One of the favorite features has been eliminated from the DeVille to the DTS. The 6-passenger seating configuration for non-limousine models has been dropped. However, such capability remains an optional feature for those willing to wait and place an order for a special model.

Auto Transport Estimates for Cadillac DTS

Larger families may want to take a look at the stretched version of the DTS, the DTS-L, which has been unveiled for 2007. Parents who are tired of hearing the children complain about being squished or long legged passengers will be happy to know that the DTS-L offers a six-inch stretch of the platform giving rear passengers a more spacious environment. Power is not a problem for the Cadillac DTS, given that it runs on the 32V Northstar V8, which produces 275 bhp in luxury trim. Experienced and adventurous drivers may choose the DTS Performance Package, which will increase the horsepower to 292 bhp. Standard features are offered such as eight airbags, Xenon high power headlamps, leather seating, and power seats. Consumers looking to add options can select among a navigation system, moon roof, chrome wheels, heated/cooled seats even a heated steering wheel is an option, granted that would run you around $55,000(US). Receive an instant auto transport rate for the Cadillac DTS on our online calculator.