Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport is the most common form of auto shipping service in the industry. We provide open auto transport services as our standard method of transporting vehicles. Open carriers are the ones that you see driving new cars to or from dealerships, or you’ve probably just seen one or two on the highway with mismatched cars and the like. These carriers bring with them the lowest transportation costs of all carrier types and are also the most readily available. Their low cost and high availability make them the easiest for us to book your shipment with.

Open carriers are recommended for customers who are transporting vehicles that are driven on a daily (or near-daily basis). If you are transporting a vehicle that you plan on driving daily or just a vehicle that is not incredibly valuable or rare then open transport will probably be the way to go. Open transport does expose the vehicles being shipped to inclement weather and possible damage from road debris, but damage during transport is highly rare and any damage that does happen during transport will be repaired at the expense of the carrier’s insurance carrier.

Every open auto transport truck is required by federal law to be fully licensed and insured. As long as your vehicle is on the truck, and this includes when the driver is loading or unloading your vehicle from the truck, your vehicle will be fully insured by the carrier’s insurance policy. Each carrier is also required by law to carry not just copies of their insurance certificate for customer perusal, but also pamphlets explaining exactly how their insurance coverage works and how to go about filing a damage claim and the like.

Open auto transport trucks transport roughly 95% of all vehicles transported every single year. This is because open transporters are the cheapest and most economical, not to mention incredibly safe on the whole. It also helps that open auto transport is almost 50% cheaper than enclosed transportation services.