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Auto Shipping to Arlington Virginia

Auto Shipping To Arlington, Virginia with Direct Express Auto Transport

When it comes to auto transport services, Arlington, Virginia is one of the best locations on the east coast. It is ideally located in the middle of the Atlantic Seaboard, right next to another great auto shipping city, Washington, D.C.. Basically, Arlington is a suburb of Washington, as is nearby Alexandria and a few Maryland towns. The entire metropolitan area is a hub of activity as many people are in transition, especially when one presidential administration is exchanged for another. In that situation, there are thousands of people shipping their cars back home, and just as many shipping to the capitol.


Washington receives millions of tourists every year and that means plenty of visits to Arlington National Cemetery, where the tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded around the clock. The changing of the guard is a sight to see. The Iwo Jima Memorial is also there, which depicts five Marines raising Old Glory after a WWII battle. The Pentagon is nearby which houses our Defense Department. One thing is for certain as auto transport trucks are a common sight in Arlington, Virginia, as our national military personnel never know where their next assignment may take them? That makes our car shipping quote calculator critical to Defense Department personnel suddenly in need of a vehicle shipping service. They can count on the most sophisticated auto transport quote online and if in a hurry, can even book it immediately.


The great thing about Arlington from an auto transport logistics perspective is that it is right on I-95, the main east coast artery that starts in Miami and runs north through Maine until it dead ends in Canada. Arlington is smack dab in the middle of I-95, making it a wonderful spot for car shippers. Route 66 also starts in Virginia and if you follow that west you will end up in California. The best thing to do is use our car shipping quotes calculator, we were the first company with one online, and once you have received your auto transport rate just book it. We make it easy. If you are still unsure of the process, call us at 800-600-3750 to learn more.

Auto Transport Quote Calculator to Chicago

Chicago 2

Our car shipping quote calculator is a must for anyone who wants to know what the auto transport rate would be to the Windy City. Chicago is one big bustling city that just might be the easiest place to ship a car in these United States. We love shipping to Chicago or from it! Oh if it could only be so easy elsewhere. The reason for that is because with so many people living there, chances are good that an auto transport truck can amalgamate a full load going just about anywhere. The other three cities that share a common warm place in the hearts of vehicle shippers are New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas. When an auto shipper goes to Chicago, he wants to know that he can get back out with a full load of 8 to 10 cars. That is easier to do in Chicago than … say Des Moines.

Perhaps no other city, save Los Angeles, is as well mapped by major interstates. They are almost perfectly aligned. I-90 and I-94 merge to cut through Chicago on a north-south direction. I-290 and I-55 spider off in downtown Chicago heading west and intersect I-190, I-294, and I-355. Why an I-355? Well I-55 starts on the outskirts of Chicago in Downers Grove. For good measure, I-80 runs east to west on the south side of Chicago. An auto transport service has little excuse about not being able to get around Chicago. There are almost too many choices. Making it still easier that most auto shippers have a smart phone handy upon which they can pull a Google Map.

Our original car shipping quote calculator usually displays very competitive auto transport rates in Chicago going just about everywhere. If you are in a rural area in Illinois or southern Wisconsin and are in a hurry, think about meeting a vehicle shipper in Chicago. It could make a big difference in how fast your automobile could ship. If not in a hurry, then sit tight and we are sure an auto transport truck will be coming your way soon enough. Call Direct Express Auto Transport at 800-600-3750 to learn more about shipping your vehicle to the Windy City.

Auto Shipping Quote Calculator to Los Angeles

Los Angeles Car Shipping Rates

Auto shipping to Los Angeles is made much easier if you use our car shipping quote calculator to get an auto transport rate. Take extra care to choose the right town or zip code in the Los Angeles Basin, however, because just typing in Los Angeles will probably result in a vehicle shipping quote from downtown L.A.. But what if you are shipping a car from Santa Monica 16 miles away, or Long Beach 24 miles away, or   Santa Ana 32 miles away? It can make a difference in your auto transport quote.

When you think of Los Angeles, you think of Hollywood, glitz, glamour, bright lights, and lots of people. It is the most populous city in California, and one of the most ethnically diverse. It is so spread out. It can take literally two or three hours driving from one end to the other, depending on traffic. But like Randy Newman sang, “We love L.A.!” and for many good auto shipping reasons it is a wonderful place to transport a car. Just like Chicago, it is easy to amalgamate a full load of 8 to 10 vehicles on an auto transport carrier. So for the customer in the Los Angeles area, you benefit from economy of scale … as in big scale! For once all those cars you see on the road actually do you a favor when you need to ship one.

Here is some good advice on what to expect when shipping a car to Los Angeles. In the winter the snowbirds are shipping their cars in large numbers to Palm Springs and elsewhere in the L.A. Basin in large numbers. That drives up the cost for auto transport rates because of the competition for truck space. But that means the reverse is true, that fewer vehicles are transported out of L.A. in the winter and with all those carriers having shipped in, it drives the price down on our very original car shipping quote calculator for those heading out. Oddly, the customer can expect to ship a car faster and cheaper leaving the L.A. Basin in the winter. See there, you were due for a break, right?

Then in the spring all the college students and retirees (snowbirds) head back home, and the auto transport rates are driven back up. All of a sudden our auto shipping quote calculator is cheaper transporting to L.A.. Summertime the auto transport business kind of evens out and a sort of parity exists in the market place that lasts through the fall. So take note of the time of year in which you are shipping your car to see what to expect. Use our car shipping quote calculator or call Direct Express Auto Transport at 800-600-3750 to learn more about transporting your vehicle.

Portland Auto Shipping Tips

Portland 1Transporting a vehicle to Portland, Oregon is something that’s either fairly quick and easy or really difficult and expensive, depending on where you’re shipping from. Okay, maybe not really difficult or expensive, but more expensive and time-consuming than it should be. The problem with Portland is getting there – locked in the Pacific Northwest, west of the Cascades no less, makes it difficult for carriers not coming from California to get there, because they have to go over the Cascades. Now, as far as mountain ranges go the Cascades are no Rocky Mountains or Appalachians, but they do present their logistical problems nonetheless. I-84, coming from the east, is really the only route that carriers have available to them unless they’re running into Washington first (from which they could take I-5 south into Portland, but we’ll get there in a minute). I-84 runs from Salt Lake City into Portland, and passes through few major metro areas.

Conversely, you have I-5, which runs from San Diego to Bellingham, Washington, and passes right through the heart of Portland. Carriers prefer running routes along I-5 because it sees a lot more traffic than I-84, and it runs through more major metro areas. Near the border between Oregon and California can be trickier, as there are fewer cities as carriers get close to the Grapevine, but if you’re shipping into Portland from anywhere along I-5 (or from anywhere with easy access to it) you’ll find prices will generally be lower all the way around. Shipping from Minneapolis or somewhere else near the Great Lakes? Chances are carriers will run into Washington, usually Seattle, and then hop on the 5 there and travel down into Portland. You can read more about the city of Portland by visiting their official website here.

Houston Car Transport Tips

Car Transport HoustonShipping a car to Houston should not be too difficult for most car transport companies to handle, especially considering where it’s at and how large it is. As one of the largest cities in the state of Texas – and the United States – Houston is a prime transport location for that fact plus the fact that it’s relatively nice there all year round (read: no snow), and the fact that there are several major interstate highways that run through the city. All these make for a place that many carriers are willing to run routes into or out of – and it also helps that there are major metro areas in almost any direction, so carriers have an easier time not just getting there but also getting back out again.

Of the interstates that pass through the city, however, I-10 is perhaps the most highly traveled from an auto transport standpoint. I-10 runs from Jacksonville to California and passes through Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona along the way. It runs through many cities as well including Houston and San Diego and Mobile and Tallahassee; these are major metro areas that many people are moving from and to all the time. Plus, little snow ever falls on I-10 regardless of where on the interstate you are, which means that carriers can run the entire length of the interstate without having to worry about inclement weather regardless of the time of year, which helps keep prices for transport into or out of Houston that much lower. Check out Houston’s official website for more information.

Tips for Transporting a Car to Cincinnati

Car Transport CincinnatiThe city of Cincinnati has definitely seen better days, but in the auto transport industry it is still an important part of many carrier’s routes and is still considered one of the largest metropolitan areas in the state of Ohio. As such, it is a popular auto transport location not just for carriers but for customers as well; many people move out of (and into) Cincinnati every year, which keeps routes open and allows carriers to run routes that include Cincinnati for cheaper prices, making it easier for everyone involved.

I-75 and I-71 are the two main interstates that run through Cincinnati. They both run north-south, but I-71 connects Cincinnati with northern Kentucky while I-75 connects it with Alabama and I-10. These two routes really help when it comes to finding routes to travel into or out of Cincinnati, as carriers have a variety of different ways they can get into or out of the city and to or from many different cities in the area. Plus, Cincinnati’s interstates connect to many others – I-70, for instance, which runs through Dayton (just north of Cincinnati), not to mention I-40, I-20 and I-10, which I-75 connects to all of them. If you’re looking to ship a car to or from Cincinnati, fill out our free form or call us today. You can also visit the city’s official website for more information.

Tips for Shipping a Vehicle to Dallas

Auto Transport to DallasDallas is one of the largest cities in the state of Texas and a popular auto transport location to boot. Located near Fort Worth, it was originally a sleepy frontier town supported by the local military fort, though after the turn of the 20th century Dallas began to boom thanks to the discovery of oil underneath land owned by the city. Today the city is a major shipping hub and a popular auto transport location within the state of Texas, and many people transport their vehicles to and from Dallas almost every single day. Transporting to Dallas is usually fairly simple as its a fairly large city with an even larger metropolitan area, which means there are a lot of potential customers in the area for carriers to transport cars for.

It really helps that Dallas is situated basically in the middle of the desert. This, in turn, means that the climate is almost always bright enough for carriers to move in or out of the city regardless of the time of year. Carriers don’t run well through snowy conditions and look to avoid them if possible. By transporting vehicles along several interstates that run through Texas and other parts of the southern U.S., they avoid the snows of the northern states while still maintaining routes and moving vehicles despite the seasonal slowdown. This makes prices for shipping to Dallas more affordable regardless of the time of year.

Tips for Car Transport to Cleveland

Auto Transport ClevelandThe city of Cleveland sits right in the heart of the U.S. Rust Belt, and was once a major manufacturing city before the city fell into a crippling depression when the manufacturing in the U.S. took a downward plunge. Today the city is still recovering, but at least its transportation connections are still in place; it is one of the most well-connected cities in the state of Ohio. By far the most popular auto transport route through the city is Interstate 90, which runs east-west and connects Cleveland with both the rest of Ohio and other states, to the west, and upstate New York, to the east. Carriers are more apt to travel along I-90 during the summer months, which is usually the best time to ship as more carriers run I-90 during the summer than any other time of the year.

During the winter months you may have a harder time getting a vehicle into Cleveland due to the city’s inclement weather. Snow is common in the winter months, and at times can freeze the entire city, leaving everyone and everything completely immobile. It is for this reason that many carriers shy away from the city unless they are properly compensated; this usually comes in the form of higher prices in and out of Cleveland during the winter. It also doesn’t help that there are less customers moving in and out of the area during the winter months, so the incentive is not as powerful during the winter as the summer for carriers to head into or out of Cleveland. Unfortunately, it’s the way it is in the auto transport industry.

Tips for Transporting Your Vehicle to New York City

Auto Transport New York CityNew York City is the largest city in the United States, home to over 8 million residents. If its five boroughs of Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx and Brooklyn were independent cities (as they once were) four of the five would rank in the top 10 largest cities in the U.S. As the largest city with the largest metropolitan area in the U.S., the city of New York is naturally one of the most popular auto transport locations in the United States for customers both entering and leaving the city. However, there are a few things that you need to know about transporting your vehicle to or from New York City before you book your shipment with anyone, as it could affect your experience with your company – especially if you go in expecting one thing but finding out it’s going to be something else.

Carriers can’t transport into Manhattan. They may be able to move around certain areas of other boroughs, but city ordinance prevents any large trucks like auto shippers from moving along the surface streets. This means that your carrier will most likely have to meet you in a large parking lot near the route that they are traveling on, though they are required to notify you of any changes to your pickup or delivery locations at least 24 hours ahead of time. Your representative will also let you know about any changes that may need to be made prior to the pickup or delivery of your vehicle. New York City is the most popular auto transport location in the U.S., and many carriers run to, from and through the city on a daily basis; it’s just exactly where they can go that’s going to be the main problem when shipping in or out of the Big Apple.

Tips for Car Transportation to Boston

Car Transportation to BostonThe city of Boston is the largest in the state of Massachusetts and it is absolutely steeped in history. For close to 400 years the city has stood as a beacon of civilization and is considered a world city thanks to its natural harbors, busy airports and popularity as an auto transport location (okay, maybe not that last one, but it is a popular east-coast auto transport destination). Transporting a vehicle to or from the city of Boston is almost achieved via interstate highways, and there are several that carriers will use to get into or out of areas of Boston they can pickup and deliver to. I-90 is perhaps the busiest of the east-west interstates, as it traverses the entire United States from Teaneck, NJ to San Francisco, California, and hits many cities in between.

Going north-south, I-95 is the main interstate carriers will use to move in and out of Boston, and I-95 is an important auto transport corridor that links most major cities along the east coast with each other and providing a ready-made route for carriers to service all those different areas. I-95 originates in Miami and winds north through several major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Jacksonville…the list goes on. When transporting from basically anywhere on the east coast up to Boston, most carriers will use I-95 as it is the fastest and cheapest route up the coast. When transporting from the west, I-90 is fairly popular, and most carriers – even ones coming from interstates that aren’t I-90 – will either find their way to I-90 or I-95 to get into the city.