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Auto Shipping to New Mexico


New Mexico is known as the land of enchantment and considered one of the mountain states. It’s a beautiful   place to live or visit, to experience the spectacular scenery and the beautiful culture. When you’re planning on auto transport to or from New Mexico, there are a few things to consider. It is very beautiful but the weather can go from one extreme to the next at any given point throughout the year. Tornadoes, thunderstorms, humidity, and severe wind are a few examples. If you’re planning on auto transporting  in the winter months, you may need to prepare yourself for possible delays with plenty of rain, storms, and harsh weather conditions

Depending upon which beautiful city of New Mexico you’re planning on auto shipping to or from, it’s good to keep in mind that it may be necessary to be flexible with the pickup and/or delivery locations. Note that  it is more difficult to meet in a small rural area that doesn’t have very much trucking traffic. It’s not impossible, but good to remember that it may take a little longer than the average wait time for an auto transporter to amalgamate a load . So we highly recommend meeting in  Albuquerque to ensure your vehicle gets transported as swiftly as possible.

The Importance of Auto Transport Insurance 

Carrier 1There is a lot of information to digest when you decide to transport your vehicle and book an order. It’s important that you gather everything you need to know, and make sure that you’re aware of the entire cost. It is better to confirm when you place the order to transport your vehicle that all fees are included, such as tax, insurance, and any deposit needed, so you are not surprised with any additional charges once your vehicle is delivered. Make sure you confirm all costs with your representative, check out the company’s website, and review the terms and conditions to ensure that you fully understand the auto transport process.

Certainly all of the information is important, but auto transport insurance is one of the most significant factors. Even though damage during auto transport is rare, it is always best to be prepared for an accident of some sort. Any damage claim is the responsibility of the assigned auto transport carrier, and it is always a good idea to confirm that they are in fact insured. If you are unable to be physically present on either pickup or delivery, make sure you have a friend, family member, co-worker, or someone else who can be present on your behalf to inspect your vehicle. This is important because someone must be present to inspect the vehicle in case any damage happened while in transit, because the auto shipper is ultimately responsible. When the vehicle is finally delivered, make sure you note any damage and take pictures as well.

Shipping to Santa Cruz California

Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkSanta Cruz is well known for its warm summers and laid back ambiance. Perfect for a stroll down town on Pacific Avenue and catching the late night horse carriage. Or a fun night at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ridding the Giant Dipper. Even better, a day at the beach paddling, surfing or simply enjoying the beautiful sunsets. It all really does make it a perfect get away. When shipping your car from or to Santa Cruz, as beautiful as it is, it really is hard.

Just imagine an auto transport trailer carrying about seven to ten cars roaring down Highway 17, maneuvering every curve down the highway. Yeah, a really rare picture. It is not the most common thing to see auto shipping trailers on that road. Generally, when you opt for car shipping from or to Santa Cruz, we highly recommend to either be patient or to be flexible. It has happened before where the car shipment happens super fast. In most cases, we suggest being flexible and meet the auto transport carrier in San Jose, making your delivery faster and easier.

Of course, it all comes down to if you are in a hurry or not. Keep in mind you can always patiently await your car at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk while you enjoy your caramelized apple or funnel cake!

Prepare Your Car For Shipping

Carrier 5

Whether you’re moving across the country, sending your child off to college, or going on an extended vacation, there are a lot of things to consider when you decide to use an auto shipping company. Making sure that your vehicle is properly prepared and ready to go will save a lot of time and last minute stress in the long run. First, you want to make sure the interior of your vehicle is completely clean. Be sure to remove any lose change, garbage, receipts, and especially valuable items. As far as the exterior of your vehicle, you don’t need to do much, as it will be exposed to weather, dirt, and dust along the way. To be extra careful, you may want to take a few pictures of the condition of your vehicle prior to the auto shipping.

Second, you want to be careful about any extra weight you have inside of your vehicle. You may have up to 100 pounds of extra weight which is equivalent to about two suit cases. Of course, it is not recommended that you keep any valuable items in your vehicle. Keep in mind that the carrier is responsible only for your vehicle, not for any additional items you have confined to your trunk.
Third, carriers prefer about a quarter to a half a tank of fuel when the vehicle is picked up, so it’s good to have that in mind upon placing your order. And lastly, be sure that if you can’t be present at either end that you designate someone else on your behalf to inspect the vehicle with the driver. As long as you follow the basic guidelines of preparing your vehicle properly, the auto transport planning should go smoothly.

The Effect of the 2008 Financial Meltdown On Auto Shipping

Auto Transport Google SearchesThe recent United States government shutdown and near miss on raising the debt ceiling reminds of the dark days of Autumn 2008 when the financial markets melted. Everybody’s 401k took a huge hit and major financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers failed. Remember that horrible day on September 15, 2008? It was bye bye Miss American Pie with one caveat, we couldn’t afford to drive the Chevy to the levy. Scary times because nobody knew for sure when we would hit bottom, how long we would stay there, and if things would ever return to normal? In the months that followed, the number of Google searches for the query auto transport declined by about 20%, but worse still was that the click through rates were even lower. People might look, but they weren’t buying. That meant an overall reduction of about 30% fewer people shipping cars, which meant far fewer people were buying cars to ship, hanging on instead to their older cars until the dust settled. That was bad for the economy and auto transporters.

Warren Buffet once said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” In the auto shipping industry, quite a few companies got caught swimming naked in 2008, found themselves suddenly over-extended, mostly because they were robbing Peter to pay Paul, and went under. Six months later it seemed to most surviving car shipping brokers and carriers that things had returned to normal. What they didn’t realize, of course, is that the industry had actually shrunk along with the economy, the weaker companies eliminated, and those left standing were simply dividing up a smaller pie. That there were fewer competing meant there was enough for everyone. It was classic Darwinian capitalism.

The Wall Street hype is that the economy has rebounded because the stock market has surpassed pre-financial crisis levels, and housing prices are up. It is an illusion. There no longer is much correlation between stock value and the economy, as American capitalism no longer is a market-based economic system. Adam Smith, who wrote the book on capitalism in 1776, viewed it as both competitive and cooperative, a societal system based on self-interest, self-restraint, morality and justice. Now capitalism means maximizing shareholder value for those at the very top, and has little to do with maximizing value for the American working man and woman, those in the middle and bottom, as those folks will be tossed aside if margins are greater elsewhere or in other ways. The way Smith envisioned it, capitalism was a social contract that if left to its own device would benefit the whole society. He never imagined that the local and national interest would be ignored in favor of the corporate interest. Bruce Springsteen still believes in an America that “takes care of its own”, and Adam Smith thought that was a given, but neither of them would understand the mind of Gordon Gecko, where greed is good, and that people like that would actually win. Capitalism as we knew it is gone. The rules are changed and not for the better. It is now a global economy that does not recognize national borders. Rollerball is happening.

The number of people searching online to ship their cars has not returned to anything like 2008 pre-crash levels. What more do you need to know? From 2009 thru 2013 auto shipping flatlined at roughly 20% below 2008. The real economy where 44% of college grads cannot find a job and are living with their parents is here. People are underemployed. If anything, there is a discernible dip in 2013 search queries for car transports that should raise eyebrows. Thank heavens cooler heads prevailed this week and the knuckleheads in Congress opened the government and extended the debt ceiling. Could any of us stomach another financial meltdown? We never really rebounded from the last one. What government is doing wrong is that it is not protecting our Adam Smith capitalist system from vulture capitalists who are not loyal to the American dream, that we can rise together. The financial industry needs regulating in a big way, and if that does not happen we are all in trouble.

Auto Transport Carriers Do Not Advertise

Carrier 1Let’s say you are planning to relocate and need to find a reliable company specializing in vehicle shipping. You may think that searching the web for different auto transport carriers would be the best place to start. However, you will soon discover that you cannot find what you are looking for and may even get the impression that auto transport companies are just too hard to come by.

While it is true that you won’t come across many auto transport carriers online, the vehicle shipping establishments are never the less out there. The reason you won’t find the actual car shipping carriers is because they typically do not advertise their business. “How can I locate a carrier for auto transport?” you may ask. Well, most carriers do not need to advertise. This is because they get most of their loads through the use of auto transport brokers. If you want to find a quality carrier, going through a broker is the way to go.

There are two main companies involved in the auto transport industry. You have the vehicle transport carriers, and then you have the car shipping brokers. Other people that play a significant role in auto transport are the quote providers. They are not directly involved in the process of vehicle shipping. However, you can expect them to use your basic information to get you connected with several brokers to further assist you with your vehicle shipping needs. The downside to the “lead providers” is that the customer might get pummeled with emails and calls, but we will leave that topic for another day.

Vehicle shipping carriers are the guys that load up the trucks and deliver the cars to customers. The vast majority of carriers use auto transport brokers to find their freight. Though carriers are the heart of the auto transport industry, they are too busy with vehicle shipping to spend hours constructing and updating a website or devote time to advertising. With all the time they spend driving to and fro, vehicle shippers rely heavily on brokers like Direct Express Auto Transport to bring in customers.

You want to use an auto transport broker to book your shipment. Unlike carriers, most brokers do have a web presence, and everything can be set up for you online. With the information you provide, your broker will handle all of the leg work and correspond with the carriers to ensure they have all the specifics for your auto transport shipment. Remember, the broker can get in contact with the carriers that you will not be able to find on your own. More than anything, that is the key point! It’s a big country. Wherever a carrier is this morning, he is 500 miles away this evening and you the customer won’t know in which direction? But the auto transport broker is so well connected that he can find the vehicle shipper going your way soon.

Using a broker may cost a little bit more than setting it up by yourself, but it is definitely worth the extra money. Let’s face it. The carriers are not so easy to find directly. Brokers are there to make things a little simpler for you. By using a broker, you also have a better chance of getting connected with a shipping company that offers top quality service.