Native American tribes such as the Lakota, Dakotah, Sioux, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Chippewa and Mandan inhabited what is now North Dakota for thousands of years. As you may have discerned from that list, both North and South Dakota take their name from the Dakotah tribe, which literally means friend or ally. Today one of twenty North Dakotans are Native American. Their presence today is strong, as they still conduct amazing pow-wows. The pow-wow brings together the various tribes as they dance, parade and celebrate the changing of the seasons. So cool … so very cool.

The first European didn’t “discover” North Dakota until 1738, and only with the advent of the train was the region settled by the white man in the late 19th century. A hundred years ago there were a little less than 700,000 residents in North Dakota. Not much has changed as only slightly more are there today. Almost 80% of North Dakota are of German and Norwegian ethnic descent, with a smattering of Irish, Swedish, Russian, French, and English. So mostly northern European ethnicity. Black, Hispanic and Asian populations combined make up less than 5% of North Dakota.

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How Hard Are North Dakota Car Transport Estimates?

North Dakota Car Transport

In a word – extremely. It comes as no surprise to folks in North Dakota that car transport estimates are very challenging there. For starters, North Dakota is at the end of the distribution line in a north-south direction. It might as well be east-west too. Imagine that a car transport carrier is trying to amalgamate 8-10 vehicles shipping from anywhere in North Dakota to anywhere else. So do you think there are several other vehicles in Minot heading to … where … Midland, Texas? Nah, not happening anytime soon. But people in North Dakota have the same desire for good service as folks in Chicago, and would appreciate their vehicle picked up within a week of availability and delivered soon thereafter. They do not want to hear about how remote Minot is … not their problem they say … and want it done soon. Some North Dakotans understand the logistical hurdles and are patient with it. But some are not. We counsel patience to everyone shipping a car either to or from North Dakota.

Things You Might Want To Know About North Dakota

North Dakota is the 3rd least populous state and the 4th least densely populated. That’s a problem. No … that’s a big problem for car transporters. Too much ground to cover to amalgamate quickly 8-10 cars going anywhere. To make it worthwhile, most car transport carriers command a higher than normal price. Even with the higher car transport rates, it often takes longer than a week to ship a car. That cannot be controlled. It just is. And it is very frustrating for a car transport company such as Direct Express Auto Transport, which is used to moving cars fast, to suddenly feel stymied by a remote location with few alternatives. But don’t feel sorry for us, we feel bad for the customer who doesn’t totally understand why the heck his vehicle isn’t on the road already.

Car Transport Tips in North Dakota

Looking at a map of North Dakota, it is sandwiched on four sides by Canada to the north, Minnesota to the east, cousin South Dakota of course to the south, and Montana to the west. Interstate I-94 cuts North Dakota almost evenly in half as it runs straight across east-west. Along I-94 the bigger towns are Dickinson, Bismarck, Jamestown, Valley City and Fargo. Without belaboring the point, it is actually critical to meet a driver in one of those towns if you want to get your vehicle shipped in a timely fashion. Minot much farther north is okay, not great, but few other places have much of a chance, especially close to the Badlands. At the far eastern edge of North Dakota, I-29 runs north-south from the Canadian border thru Grand Forks and Fargo. Again, those are your best car transport chances in that neck of the woods. To learn more about car transport in North Dakota, please go here.

North Dakota Auto Transport

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