Nevada derives its name from the Spanish word nevada, which means “snow covered”. The mountain range on the western side of Nevada and bordering California is called the Sierra Nevadas, which is what the Spanish conquerers labeled it, and the United States borrowed the word “Nevada” to name the new state. They could have just as easily named it Sierra, and save for that mountain range on the leeward side, Nevada is anything but snow covered. It is the driest state in the union and mostly desert, which becomes a challenge for our auto shipping quotes calculator. So while the name Nevada might be a misnomer, what is true is that two-thirds of the state resides in Las Vegas and that makes shipping much easier.

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Nevada Auto Shipping Quotes - NVThere are two major interstate freeways that pass through Nevada, I-80 in the northern section, and I-15 in the southern region. The former traverses hundreds of miles of desert from the Utah border to reach the Reno area, which is very helpful. Usually, however, auto transport carriers are just passing through Reno and Sparks on I-80 on their way to or coming from the San Francisco Bay Area. That’s because full loads can usually be amalgamated for the bay area, and there is no need to travel empty the 250 miles between Reno and there. Our vehicle transport quote calculator attempts to compensate for that and actually make it worth a carrier’s while to take a load to Reno. See, we have to think of things like that for our customers.

Vehicle Transport Quotes For Nevada

In southern Nevada, I-15 runs south-north from Salt Lake City through St. George, Utah, spends a smidgeon of time in Arizona, before intersecting Las Vegas where nearly 2 million people reside. That’s great for the big Salt Lake City to Vegas run, but doesn’t help much on cars being shipped to or from the eastern states. For that a carrier needs to jump off I-40 in Kingman, Arizona and drive 100 miles to Vegas. That’s called going out of his way. Now it’s usually worth it if there are at least 2 or 3 vehicles in Vegas to either pickup or deliver. Las Vegas is just big enough for that to be normally the case. As well, most carriers running east-west are going that far to get to the Los Angeles basin, not just Las Vegas. So our car transport rates calculator factors that reality into Las Vegas quotes, thus making them more appealing for transporters. Again, we need to think of things like that well in advance.

Almost 86% of Nevada land is owned by the United States government – your tax dollars at work. Before you get too excited, it’s mostly desert. So if you are shipping to or from Nevada, chances are high that it’s either the Las Vegas or Reno areas. Just about anywhere else becomes a long shot to go fast, though not impossible if located along either I-80 or I-15. Nevada is fascinating for it’s history, and if you want to learn more, then please go here.



Nevada Auto Transport

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